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How soon after using my extender tension instrument


Tunica albuginea of the penis is similar to tendon and ligs. Skin is another example of connective tissue, but is not that similar to tendons as you can easily realize.

Most of studies on properties of connective tissue were done on animals, back there. If you go ahead there are studies on humans too, and some even on the human penis. Jump all the bitching in the first pages and you’ll find a lot of interesting material.

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I was trying to edit my last, but exceed the 10 minute timeline. So guess I have to leave my wording, phrasing, spelling as is. ;)

Sorry for my ignorance. Please remind me, what is CC & TA?

CC = corpora cavernosa; TA = tunica albuginea

What do yo guys believe to be a good angle of stretch for the extender?

I would think straight down, but I really don’t want to mess up my upward curve which I have and like. Do you think the SD could affect the upward curve in any way?

Also, almost all members here seem to have a BPFSL which is longer than their BPEL, but my BPFSL is 1cm shorter than my BPEL. Am I correct to conclude that an extender will be good for me in terms of gaining (because the tunica would then be my limiting factor, would it not?)

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Hi alik — I vary my angles, but mostly perpendicular. I read one place that suggested if there was only one angle, choose perpendicular. I believe perpendicular is more apt to equalize tension across front/back & sides for an even stretch. However, if you want to focus on front/back or either side, you can do that through angles and tension bar settings. I think that just comes down to what you’re after, and what is your focus.

I also have a slight bend upwards, and want to keep it. I haven’t read anywhere that the stretcher will change the upwards bend, but obviously many use it to correct the sideways bend. Good Question! Hmmm.. Just thinking from mechanics, if you were to stretch in the upwards position (toward belly), I would think slight more tension would be applied to the underneathe as opposed to top, thereby favoring the upwards curve. Just a thought. Sorry I don’t have a conclusive answer on that.

My BPFSL is also longer than BPEL. When you do the BPFSL, give it a nice gradual yet strong tug (perpendicular). So gradually pull out with some force to point it won’t stretch any further, and although you feel the pull, it’s within comfortable limits. Also, make sure your grip (thumb & index finger) is right below the glans (which is part of the measurement), and make sure the glans is pushed outwards for a true measurement. Also make sure your point of measurement for BPEL & BPFSL are from the exact same point. I realize some of this is obvious, but perhaps it’ll ignite a light bulb — Awwwww… :)

marinera — Thanks for the clarification on CC & TA. I was looking at some anatomical diagrams, and I noticed one in particular separates out what they call the Longitudinal Fibers Tunica Albuginea & Circular Fibers just beneathe the TA. Perhaps these longitudinal & circular fibers are both considered part of the TA. I just found that interesting.

Actually TA has two layers: longitudinal layer is responsible for length expansion, circular tunica for girth expansion. That’s where TGC theory is wrong IMHO: a BPEL > BPFSL shouldnt suggest an undervelopment of CC compared to TA, but that circular tunica expands more easily than longitudinal tunica. What is constraining your size is likely, whatever the case (except some diseases that could cause atrophy of cmooth muscle) tunica albuginea.

marinera, if the circular tunica can expand more easily, wouldn’t that suggest that it’s easier to gain girth than length?

Also, could you tell me what exercises you would suggest for girth, including the amount of time & frequency?


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