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How often

How often

Hey I’m new to this forum and to p.e. I know about the newbie routine and the whole 3 days on one of 2 days on one off thing but how often are you supposed to do these stretches per day. 25 jelqs and four lenghtening exercises in each direction is what I currently do but is that enough for one day or is that just one session and am I supposed to do a few sessions a day?

Thanks for any help/advice

Hey man!

Keep it to one session a day.
No need to over do it.

Just do the newbie routine once on you “on” days.

Good luck.

Welcome soundy. Your post was a little hard to understand, but I think I got it. Do just one session per day. You may want to add more jelqs to your session. I believe the Newbie Routine consists of more than 25 jelqs. You could always do light stretching a few times a day. Light meaning less intense than your regular stretches.

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When I was newbie, I spend 1 minute light jelq or stretch everytime I pee (not PE), I still do it until now.

Search the forum and you will find a lot of info about the newbie routine and other questions you will have.

Horny Bastard


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