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How much is too much

How much is too much

I never thought I would get into anything else other than the extender but after reading about so many other techniques and devices I thought I would give it a try. I warm up, stretch, use the extender (around 2 hrs) and now I was thinking about clamping right after for 3 sets for 10 minutes. Is this too much at one point?

How is your dick feeling after your current exercises?

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Try it out and see how you feel after a full night of sleep. Your body will release endorphins during a strenuous pe session that can cause you to over train. After 6hrs the numbing affect will fully wear off just wait and see how you feel.

After I take it out of the extender I wait around 2 mins before I start jelqing. After that it’s pretty much warmed up and I feel fine.

Are you a newbie?

If so I would just stick with the manual newbie routine for 3 or 4 months. Teaches you about your penis, how it responds to PE, how far is too far.

After that then think about devices. Too easy to hurt yourself with those unless you’ve got the knowledge and conditioning that newbie gives you.


Thanks for the info TheGreatDivider, I’ll try it out and see how I feel. I was on the extender for 2 months and was off for 2 since I was busy with school. Now it’s been 2 months since I started again and I just recently got into stretching before I use the extender and jelqing after.

I’m with Sta-Kool. From this post doesn’t sound like you are doing much manual work. I would add more jelqs for a couple more months. From there you may want to try simple clamps with your hands (do a search). Also, you may find adding bends helps add intensity and variation.

Clamping is very extreme and in my opinion shouldn’t be started until you feel you are no longer getting girth gains with just your hands. Many believe clamping helps to cement gains. This can be counter-productive if you have not reach the limit of gains with the newbie routine.

Just my opinion of course. I have been doing P.E. for nearly ten years, more consistently over the last 4, and I have tried nearly everything. As any of us vets know it’s very addictive and it’s a long term process. Don’t cheat yourself and rush into things. All you will do is make reaching your goals take that much longer.

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