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How Many Women Know

How Many Women Know

I’ve been wondering lately, how many women actually know about PE.

Do the majority know about it? Have they researched it? Do they believe it works? Do they wish their men knew about it and would try it? Do they wish they could find a way to tell their man about it without hurting their feelings?

I know some of you have told your wives/girlfriends, and most support you even if they don’t think/say you need it, but did they know about it before you told them.

I’m just curious, I’m of the opinion women are very well informed and at least heard about it. I think a lot of them probably researched it and wish they could find a way to get their men to try it. That is if they feel their men are small.

What do you think?

I think that very few women know about PE, and very few care. PE is, for the most part, a man’s issue.

I think women tend to view men in their entirety, rather than focusing on individual body parts. A few might think sex could be better if their guy had a bigger dick, but it would probaby be a passing thought rather than something they cared about persistantly enough to research on line.

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If it weren’t for some short MS Word document with jelqing instructions that I found on a friend’s CD he borrowed me years ago, I’d probably still be ignorant of PE to this day.

My point is, even the vast majority of men don’t know about PE, yet they actually all have a pecker. Consider how much less women (who, as MM just pointed out, aren’t usually concerned with size) then know about it in one way or another.

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Agreed. It’s kinda like, How many men are scouring the internet to find natural ways to increase our ladies’ breasts? I don’t know of any, because it doesn’t matter. At least not to me.

I don’t know any guys that know about PE either.

I completely agree with Sonny. I’ve never heard of natural breast enlargement but I’m sure that you could find something just like thunders for it on the net

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One of our female members a couple years ago was into natural breast enlargement, I want to say Taz, but I won’t swear to it.

Anyway to answer the OP’s question, those of us who are here know about it.

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I’d have to guess that very few women are familiar with anything other than “mainstream” methods such as surgery, and that only because it’s in the news, usually with very negative coverage, or things like enlargement pills which don’t work and which most people dismiss as a fad/scam.

If you were to do a “woman on the street” kind of quiz, and the question is “what is Jelqing?”, I’m sure it would be a real riot. And no I am not volunteering to carry out the experiment. Although it would make for a funny YouTube clip.

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LOL Fantom go on!

The good thing about the mainstream media is that they have ridiculed PE to such an extent that I am fairly confident that none of my friends would bother starting if I mentioned it, unless I really hammered on about the gains I had.

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My wife knows about PE and she was not happy with my starting PE. She said it was a slap in the face to her. She told me that she never complained about my size and wondered why I had to have a bigger cock. I told her that it was something that I felt short changed on, and that I felt very inadequate myself. She still hasn’t come around. I don’t know if she ever will.

Same story with my wife, she is kind of freaked out buy my ambitions toward PE. She’s also worried that I might hurt myself with some of the exercises. I asked her to be patient and supportive as best she could and see if I could make some kind of gain. So I’ll put my best foot (or hand) forward and give this an honest attempt.

abhchelms, this sounds interesting. What exactly is it about PE that makes it a “slap in the face” for her?

(Hint on the side: you could tell her that in principle, PE is not different from going to the gym or doing runs for cardio etc. Maybe she can accept it easier that way?)

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Originally Posted by Lazy Wally

What exactly is it about PE that makes it a “slap in the face” for her?

I’ll venture a response. PE is a “slap in the face” to his wife because she already loves and accepts him the way he is. His desire to change himself in this respect is therefore an insult to her love. She takes his interest in PE to mean that her love isn’t good enough for him. It’s not enough that she thinks he’s “perfect;” he want’s to be perfect for other women, too. It reveals that he thinks about other women and actually is willing to put himself through a PE program to appeal to them.

I think the best strategy for abhchelms is to convince his wife that he is doing PE neither for his wife nor for other women. It’s about his own self esteem and desire to feel attractive, not so that he can attract other women but so he can be happier. He also might want to reassure his wife that he thinks she is “perfect” just the way she is, since his desire to appeal to a higher standard might mean that she’s not really up to his standards, either.

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Maybe I travel in strange circles, or maybe it’s a generational thing, but the majority of 20-something women whom I encounter seem to know about PE. I never bring up the topic of PE around anyone, but I’ve been surprised by the number of times in the course of sexual conversations that women have mentioned, in passing, something about penis pumping or hanging weights. I have no idea how many of these ladies believe that such PE methods work,but it seems that most have been exposed to the idea, maybe via curiosity piqued (and subsequent Google searches) by spam emails.

A lot of women know about PE. Everybody has heard of penis enlargement pills and so on. Everybody has heard of or gotten PE Spam in their email.

However I would imagine most believe PE is a scam and doesn’t work.

I have an ex-GF that knows - and was insistent that it was OK if it was for the sake of my selfesteem, because she didn’t give a damn, sorta - and my best friend knows about PE. He was like “Huh? Why bother?” He knows about this place too, but I don’t think he’s ever to go here.

regards, mgus

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