Firstly, don’t stretch too hard, stretch enough that you feel soreness throughout the day, but not enough that, over time, you retard growth.and it’s different for everyone, so experiment and watch for negative EQ.

Secondly, cigarettes are deadly, and damage vein and artery tissues.

And thirdly, the cling wrap is used for an all-day stretcher. I found 4” wide cling wrap at the dollar store that is perfect for the job and a few winds after stretching keeps my flaccid stretched out comfortably throughout the day and is undetectable.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"