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How far can you shoot

How Far Can You Shoot

When I am masturbating while lying down in a bed, my semen can land above my head into the pillow.
Things get messy so sometimes I cover my face with a towel.

I am satisfied as I have a short penis and a rather long trunk and head.

However, I cannot achieve this in a standing position.

What about you guys? Can anyone shoot into the air above the head in a standing position?

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Sorry ThunderSS. I should have made a search before starting a thread so that there will no duplicates.

When I was 15 I could shoot 6ft in the air when lying flat on the ground. I don’t know about now but I can rupture a condom if I cum in it.

:( .. Thats always something thats worried me. I’m a little scared to try the multiple orgasm thing into a condom, because if it breaks, I could get the girl pregnant

Originally Posted by one_eyed_beast
I don’t know about now but I can rupture a condom if I cum in it.

Sorry dude but I call bullshit on this claim, you might want to check the date on the condom or not keep them in your wallet as this weakens them or even follow the instructions on how to put them on or last but not least make shure your lube is not harmful to the condom as certain lubes weaken the condom.

Originally Posted by one_eyed_beast
When I was 15 I could shoot 6ft in the air when lying flat on the ground. I don’t know about now but I can rupture a condom if I cum in it.

Wow, rupture a condom, lol. I can’t rupture a condom if I fill it with water and bounce it on the floor.

When condoms ‘break’ they break on the sides from friction, not a big load lol.

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For me, the harder the hold the further the load, that’s to say if whilst masturbating I let go just before cuming then it just goes around 15cm, but if I’ve got a good hold on it then it can go over my head whilst laying down. I ended up with a load in the eye one day when my girlfriend was giving me a hand job. (It stings quite a bit)

This seems like the thread to add a little story of mine.

One night whilst waiting for the gf to finish work, early in our relationship, I thought that a bit of relief was in need prior to a night out, I was waiting at her aunts house and no one was at home, so thought a quick trip to the toilet to rub one out was in order.
There is a joke about, whats the most sensitive part of your body whilst masturbating? Your ears.
Well right near climax I heard a car pull into the garage, I grabbed hard just bellow the glands, as I had read in some mag that this will stop you from ejaculating. Well it didn’t.
In fact it made me cum like never before, load ofter load squirted and squirted. In all my horror I forgot to catch it with the toilet paper that I had repaired.
From my sitting position, cum made it to the toilet door, and all over the left wall, up to my standing head height. The walls had wallpaper, (I think it’s the only toilet I have seen with wall paper)
By now the aunt and uncle were inside the house I’m frantically trying to wipe goo off the walls and door, I used what was left of the roll of paper and half another.
When I was finished cleaning up I went out and made some small talk, nothing was said about the time I took in the toilet, both went in and used the loo over the next half hour. The whole time I was thinking I hope I got it all and there isn’t some left on the roof.
I went in later and the smell was horrible, like bleach, only human like bleach. I didn’t find any forgotten spots, I spent 5 minutes looking.
Well that was years ago, same people, different house and still I wonder what they thought the smell was.

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