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how do you avoid a full erection during workout?

how do you avoid a full erection during workout?

I have been jelqing and stretching recently but found it hard not to become fully erect, how do you avoid this? Are there any exercises (not that they’d become replacements for the current ones) that can be done with a full erection so I can at least do something productive when it’s acting up (no pun intened)?

thanks in advance


Is it all the time?

Try to stay away from the glans and that portion just at the bottom of the glans, a very sensitive and stimulating area.

I sometimes have problems with blood flow. Sometimes to much ,sometimes to little.

When I start to get to hard for jelqing or stretching I just stop and try to think of something else, usually in 10-60 seconnds I can start again. But sometimes I lose to much and I have to start fantasizing about some hot chick to get more back. It can be a back and forth session.

Sometimes it’s just right though.

My philosophy is to just take it slower if you start to feel yourself becoming to hard. Eventually you’ll come back to a comfortable level where u can work with a little more force.

I think working through the harder points allows you to get more comfortable with your overall jelqing technique.


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Because of the newness of PE, your dick is reacting to the PE activities as forms of sexual stimulation. If you keep on doing it, eventually you should get into a less stimulated mode. Taking breaks to let your erection subside is good. Also, if you are that easily stimulated to erection, you may just want to jack off an hour earlier before starting PE. That should help keep quick erections in check and allow you to perform your PE routines.


When it happens to me i usually wait a sec or just do a squezze, or head squezze for 30 sec and things calm down a little.

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