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How deep is a woman

How deep is a woman

Well Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing fine and making great gains, I have a question for you all about the depth and width of the female vagina.

Well let me explain why I am asking this first. After getting drunk with my wife one night and getting into a conversation about X partners my wife made comment about Penises being all different shapes and sizes, now when she said this I naturally asked “ so what’s the biggest and smallest you have seen” she said I am not even going there, but after a bit of coaxing she replied “well the smallest was about this big and made a size gesture with her hand that looked to me like about 4 inches.

I said fair enough and then I asked well what’s the largest and held my breath and she replied well he was just to big! I sobered up in 1 second flat, trying not to look bothered I asked well how big is to big, she replied I don’t know it just hurt me, it was uncomfortable.

I said jokingly was it 12 inches or something she replied around there I think. I was devastated !! But held my composure. Quickly thinking while the topic was still hot and knowing how rare a 12 inch Penis is, I illustrated 12 inches for her using my hands and she said no way was it that big, around half of that might be correct, which confused the hell out of me, anyway the point is the guy used to penetrate her so deeply it would cause lower abdominal pain and sex was uncomfortable. Now I don’t think I am small,l I measure 7.5 BPEL and 5.5 Girth and when I have sex with my wife I can not touch the end of her vagina with my Penis (so how big was this guy?) and as far as girth she feels like she could take a lot more thickness.

Even though my wife claimed she does not like a penis to be to big and says mine is perfect Yada Yada Yada, I think she just wants to make me feel better. Anyway I would like to find out how big a man has to be to bottom a girl out and how wide so it feels full for her. I look forward to your comments thanks….

Hi bamixgee :)

Using the search button You’ll find many threads about this question. For example:
vagina size



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lol! You have thought you were small? Buwahaha! You are frickin huge length and girth! I wish I were so lucky! Your size is what I am trying for in length!

She’s not lying when she said you are a perfect size.

Yours seems to be a great size to me, may be your wife has got a ballooning vagina?

Thanks for the replies guys,

I should never have posted this, it was just an ego thing, I think, It kinda stung a bit when my wife told me she had been with someone this size for a few years, I thought no way can I compare to that, anyhow I am going to stop whining and continue with my excersise routine, I will keep you all informed of any progress cheers.

Hey Bamixgee,

You are a bigger size starting out than I have as my ultimate goal in several years!!

Food for thought.
The grass is always greener, the penis is always bigger


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As everyone has already stated, you are already doing well in that area.

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