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How can I tell I'm doing it right

How can I tell I'm doing it right

When I jelq, I can actually see it working but when I stretch my penis I feel like I’m only pulling skin. I originally started stretching at the head till I read up more and said I should pull and inch below the head but when I do, it feels like I’m tugging my skin. Also, when I stretch the fatty part between my dick and belly button goes right along with the stretch.Is that bad? Is there any signs anyone here can give me that can let me know if I’m doing this right? I get the concept, follow the directions but don’t know if I’m doing it right! I can’t tell the difference between lig stretch and skin stretch.


Also, how lnog would it maybe take to gain an inch? 2 inches? Keep in penis is nothing to brag about. Could that have something to do with it not stretching?

Yes, I am a newb.

I am circumcised too, so could that have anything to do with it? Should I take one extra step I’m missing?

Try this: When u go to grip below the head: pull the loose skin downward toward the base with your free hand

So, when I grip it, do I pull skin downward at the same time or before or after I grip it?

Are you dry Jelqing or lubricating? If your are dry jelqing it is a good idea to us any loose skin along the shaft to help you slide along the shaft. This means you, as already mentioned, move loose skin toward the base before the jelqing motion. This is pretty easy to do even with one hand. All you have to do is gather any skin at the bottom, jelq with the desired intensity, and then with a loose grip return your OK finger configuration back toward the base to start the process over again. If done right you can just move the skin back the base again and repeat over and over again. I usually switch hands after about 50-100 repetitions.

Wet jelqing is a little different. The notion of having any loose skin loaded at the base is less important. Though I will say that I often find myself getting any loose skin to the base for my strokes because it’s not only more comfortable but also decreases the likelihood of developing a turkey neck. Making sure you are lubricated generously should solve most issues of skin pulling. After all, the ultimate goal is to mostly be applying pressure to the internal structure of the penis even though we are gripping the skin. If done with a bit of care, this can be done correctly.

But see, jelqing isnt the problem, it’s stretching thats making me feel like I’m stretching my skin. When I do my 30 second stretches, I feel like I’m stretching my skin, not the ligaments and I don’t really know for sure if I am doing it right. I’m pulling an inch below my head like I’m suppose to and I don’t really feel like I’m making any progress. I just feel like I’m making looser skin, ya know?

In other words, I don’t know if I’m doing the stretches correctly, even though I’m doing every single step. Just feels like I’m yanking my skin. Is it normal for my head to be a little discolored after stretching,because of the amount of force I’m using?

Personally, I have found the most comfort manually stretching with a reverse OK grip. This means that my index finger and thumb are facing in toward the body as opposed to away from the body. I gather any skin I can at the base and grip right next to the slightly bunched up skin. I personally find that I hit a meaty part inside my penis with my OK grip before all the skin is stretched. I think that my reverse OK grip that allows me to grip closer to my body and the fact that I use a very forceful grip minimizes any skin pulling (gripping with a forceful grip is mostly safe because manual exercises typically have short set lengths).

Discoloration near the head and meatus is completely normal. You can minimize the effect by ensuring as much as possible that your penis is not engorged at all.

I don’t quite understand the revers OK grip.

How can I tell I’m getting the ligaments, not just the skin?

To better understand the reverse OK grip, try this: Put your hand out in front of you with your palm facing toward the ground. Connect your index finger to your thumb to make the OK sign. Now attempt to grip yourself with your hand in this position. You will see that the index finger and thumb are the closest fingers to the body. Since the majority of the grip when stretching is achieved by these two digits, the reverse OK grip allows you to get a good grip closer to the base of the penis. This does mean you get less tunica stretch; however, it hits the ligaments very well. When you get really comfortable, you can start to bend your penis mid shaft during a stretch to get an even more intense stretch.

As mentioned before, I like this grip for jelqing too. It allows me to start the jelq very close to the base. I’m actually able to start the jelq slightly in my fat pad because I’m able to pinch into it with my index finger and thumb.

You will know that you are hitting the ligaments when you can feel a pull inside of your body. You will always feel a pull in your shaft because you are gripping there, and some skin stretching is par for the course (especially for circumcised men). I suggest concentrating on your grip and experimenting a little bit.

Thanks for all your patients, and helping me understand fully. I really appreciate it.

Thanks for all the help!


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