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How Bout Asymmetric Heating to Fix A Curve

How Bout Asymmetric Heating to Fix A Curve

Just reading up on curve technology, and it sounds like a largely unsolved problem. (For those to whom it is a problem — and I know, ‘chicks dig it’, ‘it’s normal’, etc — but just accept that there are some who care, and it seems a little arbitrary to hang out on a PE forum and tell someone “quit thinking about this subject, your dick is fine the way it is.”)

It also seems like in at least some cases PE-ing appears to make the curve worse, which makes sense if the curve is caused by an asymmetry in the toughness / thickness / plasticity of the “tougher” or “limiting” penile tissues. (Things like ligaments, tunica-type-thingies, whatever — seems easier to just say “the tough stuff” than to get into anatomy specifics that I don’t have a complete understanding of.) Imagine this simple model of this asymmetric-tough-stuff problem: a spongy-stretchy-tube of tissue that would respond great to PE, except for two nylon cords, one running down the left side and one running down the right. The problem is that for whatever reason, the cord on the left side, made of the same nylon, is 30% thicker. So you jelq and stretch and whatever else, but it’s tricky to really isolate that left side cord. Whatever you do seems to lengthen the right side more than the left, so the curve just becomes more pronounced.

OK, I know if you really were only limited by two nylon cords it would be easy to isolate the left one, but we know that in the real world curve fixing isn’t so easy for most folks. And I can think of two hypothesis for this. 1: It’s too hard to isolate the tougher / shorter side. You can do exercises that stress the tough side more maybe, but they still stress the stretchy side some and if the exercise asymmetry isn’t enough to compensate for the toughness asymmetry, you don’t get the desired results. And/or 2: The toughness gets tougher with stress.

Anyway — I just had an idea, and wondered if anyone had tried it, or if y’all think it’s worth trying. How bout asymmetric heating? That is — you left side’s the shorter tougher side? Underheat the right side, or don’t heat it at all. Or maybe maybe more practical: get the whole thing nice and hot but cool the right side down just before start exercising. Could be done in addition to whatever other curve-fixing specific exercises you might have, or just on it’s own with generic (I.e. Symmetric) PE. Maybe it would mean scaling back a bit on intensity in order to avoid injury, but the idea would be that heat makes thing more pliable and stretchy, which why it’s such an important part of PE. So maybe a heat asymmetry is the missing link in compensating for a toughness asymmetry. Or worth trying.

(Not sure if this post really belongs in this forum, but I’m new, so it’s the only one I’m allowed to post in.)

Except (and I say this laughing at myself, of course) for any of y’all worried about an upward curve. Chicks dig it. It’s normal, and your dick’s fine the way it is.

Sounds like a good idea.

Let us know how it goes ;)

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