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Hot Wrap

Hot Wrap

Ive been PEing for about a month. Should I continue to use a hot wrap??


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Yes, warming-up such as hot wrap, hot shower or using heat pad is always helpful to maintain the good blood circulation during PE exercises. If possible, don’t drop warming-up any time before PE. Occasionally, I may drop warming-up step before my dry jelq session.

Normally, I do not have the time to do a warm up, however, whenever I do get a chance to do so I feel a tremendous difference in the quality and effectiveness of a workout. I would highly recommend doing warm ups whenever possible.

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I’m the hot shower type. I have a hand held sprayer that I position to spray directly on my work area leaving both hands free. I use Vaseline which doesn’t come off with just water very easily. So I stay warmed up through the whole session. Also, I find standing up jelqing seems to keep more blood in the penis than laying down.

The Vaseline comes off when I am done with 2 soap ups.

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heh me too girth, i have the handheld shower and i love it, its great for warm-ups! and i have a small bench in my shower so i sit on that and do a keggle exercise while i warmup. then i do various stretches. after that i do my jelqs. after that i’m a cool down guy, dunno y but i like to cool down with a warm washcloth for 3-5 mins. feels good afterwards too :D

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