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Homemade hanger pics

Homemade hanger pics

I am a bit of a newbie, all I have done to this point was use pumps and more recently jelqing after I had a chance to read about it in forums like this. I became interested in hangers and felt making my own would be the best option if I wanted to start asap. I saw pics of a number of different hangers and tried to gather as much supplies as I could find. After a couple different tries I think I found a system that works. It’s based largely on a device called the capns wench. Don’t have weights yet so I have been using a strap from a duffel bag to apply tension with my foot. When I wind the hanger around the stuff I use for wrapping to put it away, it’s only about the size of a D battery. The cable clamp holds it tight enough. I have included a couple photos, sorry if their alittle low res didn’t want the files to be to big. Let me know what you think. It’s been working fine in the two weeks since I put it together.

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Nice pics. Could you show this in use?

Welcome jsr1977.

Your hanger is conceptually well made, in my opinion. Wrap carefully, because it seem that the lateral metal bars could harm you when using some serious weights.

Your hanger could be used as an ADS, also.

I advice, however, to try a manual exercise based routine: it could give you faster and more balanced gains, as you are a newbie. When gains stops, switch to hanging/pumping.

Congrats to your ingenious, and best luck on your gains :up: .

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