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Home Run

Home Run

Hey people! I’ve been searching the forums on this topic but all I could find were negative things. I started PE a while ago and have already gained quite a substantial amount of girth (jelqs and squeezes).but there’s one ‘problem’, most of the girth I have gained is a all toward the end of the shaft, making quite a “Baseball bat” shape. Once I noticed this, I searched around the forum and found a lot about this baseball bat shape, however, ever single thing was “How can I get rid of this horrible bat” and negative stuff like that. So, in the end, who all out there has the same shape? What’s so bad or good about it? What’s the best way to get rid of it?(if you wanted to, that is).Hey, they can’t be that bad now can they?

I can’t help you, but just wanted to say welcome.

Hmm change the routine and ask for more help!

Well… I can tell you, like many say, any gains are good gains. But as for your shape, yea it’s a very common result of jelqing.

A lot of people recommend pumping as a good equalizer. It is reported to decrease the baseball bat effect. You might want

to try it. You could also pump right after jelqing to prevent it from becoming worse. All in all it’s not “bad” thing.

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