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I’m new to the board and wondering if there is an alternate newbie routine(then the one bested) just wondering to see if maybe i get different results thanks you

Let me be the first to welcome and say i dont have an answer for you. But someone will tell you.

Now: 8.5" bpel 6" eg Goal: 9.5" nbpel 6" eg (maybe more)

Check out the experiment forum. There are two different newbie routine experiments that were running there (group A and group B subforums). Also a lot of people who did them posted their results.

You could also run with the newbie routine as written and once you get used to it modify it to you needs.

What are your goals in terms of length and girth gains?

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Length about 8” but for girth i not sure but thanks for the question

>Length about 8”

Which is an increase of what?

If you are wanting to focus on length gains it might be worth adding extra stretching into the newbie routine. When you stretch try to ease into stretches its not about pulling as hard as you can its more about easing into the maximum length you can and keeping it there for a while. Take care easrly on as injuries are a lot easier in the first couple of months.

Girth gains are probably something to focus on at least 2 months in.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.


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