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Hey people

Hey people

A newbie starting up here
Well actually I’ve been jelqing for around a month now but I’m not sure if it has helped me gain size
But I do notice that I wake up with a stiffy more often :D

Forums are the way to go, away from all the commercial stuff

Anyway hope I’ll be posting here more often :)

Welcome meth0d, I’m also a newbie and you’re right that this forum is the right way to go.

Good luck with your gains.

What are you’re current stats and what are your aims?

Welcome to Thunder’s meth0d..:wave:

The more you post, the more you’ll get out of this forum. Good luck to you..:up:

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Good luck meth0d and happy to have you aboard. Now post a lot so we can get even more out of the forum :) .

Good luck man. I just started 2 days ago and I hope to do well

Thanks guys :)

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Hey meth0d, I’m a newbie too :D good luck with the gains! From what I’ve read the people on this forum are really helpful, which is nice to see :D



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