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Hey, new here.

Hey, new here.

I’ve been reading on the site a couple weeks, and am now interested in giving this a try.

First, I’ve got a couple questions, though.

About what age does the penis stop growing naturally? I know there is probably no definite answer to this question, but I just want to get my facts straight before I start yanking on myself.

I’ve just turned 18, and I mean just. I haven’t seen anything about a safe age to start, though I must admit I didn’t look too hard. So, in the opinion of the more veteran members, is it alright to start at 18?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I’ve been 18 for six months and I have just started.

Hey tasarn and jbuck. Welcome!!! First thing you need to do is start with the Newbie Routine. If you can’t find it, keep looking. It’s there. Stick to the newbie routine the first few months. I’m still a newbie myself. Oh, and about the age thing. I haven’t researched it, but my recollection is that many guys on here wish they had started as early as you guys. By the way, 18 is an arbitrary age that your government has set for telling you you’re an adult. It has absolutely nothing to do with your penile development.

Welcome, newbies! I agree with lemec that a lot of us wish we’d started earlier, but in my case, not so much because my dick may have responded better, but because I’d like to have had a bigger dick for more of my life. The newbie routine is posted at the top of the newbie forum page. Good luck

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By 18 your penis is likely fully developed; however, some guys experience continued natural growth into their twenties. There is no reason you can’t do PE, provided you do it correctly. Many of us here wish we had started at such a young age.

Take the time necessary to read through all of the information provided via the Newbie Routine link at the top of the newbie forum page. You are on your own in the actual practice of PE, so you have the responsibility to educate yourself as thoroughly as possible. Carefully view the demonstration videos to familiarize yourself with stretching and jelqing techniques. Do not fall into the temptation to go straight to advanced PE techniques—you’d most likely hurt yourself. Only add to the suggested beginning newbie routine in small increments, all the time paying close attention to your Physiologic Indicators (PIs—read up on these).

Learn to measure correctly. You can only fairly evaluate your progress by measuring accurately and consistently. Be prepared to practice PE diligently for at least six months or a year to give it a chance to work. No one can tell you how much can expect to gain. Some of us are hard gainers, some easy. Most gains come in a very gradual way. Patience is essential. Practice your measuring several times over the course of a week or so when beginning. If you get the same result, or very close, each time, then you know you are using good measuring technique. Then put the ruler away and forget about it for as long as possible. You probably are best off not measuring much more often than every two or three months. Instead, focus your efforts first on making your PE workouts a regular part of your daily life and on refining your stretching and jelqing techniques. These manual techniques involve a lot of “feel”, something which takes a bit of time to develop.

Something I do to help keep me going with PE is to jot down my workout times in a small, cheap notebook. Each page is dated and filled out with times for warm-up/down, stretches, and jelqs, as well as the number of Kegels I did that day. I also make note of anything else worth considering. I can go back later and see how I added to or changed my routine without having to trust a bad memory. It’s a small daily reward to make an entry in my notebook.

At 18 you probably have privacy concerns, so keeping a workout journal might be tricky. Consider, too, that the newbie routine takes about an hour daily at the maximum recommended workout times, so you’ll need to factor that into your plans.

Be safe. Be sensible. Use lots of common sense.

Thanks for all of the responses!

I indeed plan to start out slow.

Now, about jelqing - a lot of people say this is an art and takes a long time to master just because of the simple fact that everyone is different. So I am curious, when done correctly, what is it supposed to feel like? A slight building pressure? Not quite sure how to judge the right way of doing this other than PI’s (I already read up on them).

Thanks again. :)

You want to jelq with only a partial erection, never when fully erect. When making the grip with thumb and forefinger (like the “OK” sign), you want to feel yourself making a constriction of the partly erect shaft. This will make your glans and the shaft between the glans and your gripping hand bulge from the increased internal pressure. The jelq stroke keeps the pressure high as you go forward, stopping just before the glans itself.

As to feel, you don’t want to feel any pain, just a firmness and pressure from within. I highly recommend you start gently, then carefully experiment with a tighter grip. Always pay attention for discomfort, and don’t jelq too quickly. Roughly 2 to 3 seconds per jelq stroke is suggested, although you can certainly go slower. This is a time when you will be learning your own penile anatomy in detail, as well as acquiring your own sense of “feel” for stretches and jelqs. Keep in mind that you can create a serious internal pressure with your grip, so do start cautiously.

When making your grip, focus the constriction on the shaft sides rather than on top and bottom. The dorsal nerve runs along the shaft top surface, so you don’t want to apply much direct pressure there when jelqing.

If you are circumcised it would be best to do wet jelqs. Dry jelqs work better for those who are intact or who have lots of free moving shaft skin. Don’t use soap for wet lube—it is harsh on the skin with an intense use as in jelqing. I use a high quality sex lube (Astroglide), but there are cheaper alternatives. Some guys use quality hand lotions, vaseline, or even olive oil. Water based lubes clean up easily, but can dry out quickly during use. Oily lubes last longer, but are a hassle for cleanup.

You may find a tendency to go fully erect from jelqing just because it can feel quite good. Stop a bit to let the erection subside, and perhaps try thinking of non arousing things while jelqing. As young as you are, that might not even work too well. If so, try masturbating a short while before jelqing to see if that will take the edge off of your sex drive. There can be lots of experimenting to do as you work your way into the newbie routine.

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