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Hey guys

Hey guys

I’ve had a little read around the site but I always get lost in all of the information so I was wondering if you’d spare a little time to answer a few questions/clear some things up for me, it’s my preferred method of learning! :P

1) Is 2 minutes warm up/2 minutes warm down too short of a time? I haven’t noticed any injury or sign of injury and having read other sites, I thought 2 minutes was the norm but after seeing finding this forum, it seems 5-10 minutes is the “minimum” - should I up my warm up & down? I don’t have much time so the 2 mins seems quite comfortable but if my short warmup is dangerous, I’ll definitely try make time for a longer one. Oh, and I’m just jelqing for now, no stretching or hanging etc.

2) Is there a guide or ideal way to measure the penis? I usually use a tape measure (to account for curves) and start it with it pushed into the little pad of fat at the base until it touches the base - is this considered cheating or something? Hope not, would kind of bruise the ego if it was :P Since I started jelqing 2-3 weeks ago, maybe I’m crazy or it’s just “temp gains” or something but I feel like I’ve gained roughly a 1cm.. It could just be the fact that jelqing seems to have improved my erection quality and that it’s always been 6.3” and I haven’t had a decent enough erection to measure that.. Who knows but yeah, a certain standard to hold so I can measure my progress would be cool!

3) Sorry for this one, I know it’s covered in the site but I really do suffer with information overload. In layman’s terms, when it comes to jelqing, does it matter which direction I jelq in (as in straight forward, downwards etc).. Is there a difference between different jelqing directions and do they affect your gains?

My “routine” (can hardly call it a routine, it’s quite terrible) is just 5 days of jelqing with 2 days off per week, I warm up for 2 minutes and I started with 200 jelqs per day and just added on 50 at seemingly random times, did 350 today, I guess I should refine this and get a proper routine down, I’m just worried about how time consuming it may be due to travel and the fact that I spend most of my time in at my girlfriends which is a busy household so there’s not much private time.

Right now I’m roughly 6.3” in length erect (I’ll try get back to you with a girth measurement) and my absolute goal would be 7” - I don’t ask for much, I know but for me, 7” seems just right for a humble guy like me, I’d even settle for something like 6.5-7” but with increased girth.. I definitely think my goals are reasonable, what do you guys think? I just want to get a bit of a better understanding and do this thing properly, I normally struggle to stick with things like this but I’m gonna give it a really good go, already feeling the benefits (seem to look bigger and fuller flaccid and my erection quality seems notably higher!)

Thanks for reading guys!

1) I recommend 5 minutes at least. I never do warm downs(warming after routine?) and I’ve had great gains.

2) Best way to measure is Bone pressed. It is easier to see if you’ve gained or not. Good gains by the way ;)

3)I don’t know but I’ve always jelqed straight. Jelqing right or left might stretch the penis little and it could be more intense, I don’t know.

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First and foremost welcome to Thunders and congrats on your gains!

It is good that you are starting off slow, but definitely try to get a steady routine down. You want to be evenly increasing to properly achieve goals. If you do not increase you will not gain.

Good luck

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