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Hey guys, new to the forum, few topics for discussion.

Hey guys, new to the forum, few topics for discussion.

Hi guys,

Just joined, and thought I would say hello. I’ve always had an interest in both PE and the idea of doing what I can to keep the unit in good form. So I must say that you guys have created an excellent community, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a supportive environment, so hats off to you.

I’ve dabbled a bit in some of the exercises I’ve read about, mainly just stretches and jelqing, but haven’t really convinced myself to really devote the time and energy into it that it seems necessary to develop results. My question and concern, and I ask this respectfully, is that although I see a great deal of claims, measurements, and log keeping (pardon the pun), I have yet to see any real empirical evidence of these exercises results. I believe strongly in the ability to take control over ones health through discipline and adherence to a healthy diet and exercise, and intuitively, I feel like the same logic can carry into PE. I just think it’s an important question to ask, seeing as many people spend hours a day involved in this pursuit; is this really effective?

I’m sure this type of post has been made millions of time, but before I set myself into a determined routine, are there any resources you guys can show me, before and after pictures, progress pictures that you think illustrate this issue specifically?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate the help!

Hi psb

Have a look at the top of the main page of the forum and you will see Newbie routine. Follow that and you will find videos and instructions on how to proceed

Read up the comments of other PE’ers and see how they hve progressed. Then giive it a try. You will never know what can be done until you do it yourself.

Good Luck and welcome to the forum

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