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Here I am

Here I am

I am new and here since 3 days

My start point is

BPEL 7,3 x 5,7
Pb fl 4.9 x 4.2

I want to gain mainly in flaccid style, erect is good and also my wife is not unamused with me..

Can you give me the best starting tips as I started now with clamping which I like very much,
Cause I can do this on my way to work ( in the car ) and I like the pressure in the cock.

Honestly I don’t want to spend hours daily for a bigger cock, and I don’t really need these big things like porn stars,
Just something more nice in the locker room.:—))

So please advise me for good results

Welcome to Thunders, josch.

You don’t need to spend hours for a larger dick. The newbie routine is the best place to start. You might want to put the clamp away for the time being. In addition to the possible gains you may have from the clamp, it also toughens up the tunica making it harder to gain later. Best get as much as you can from manual exercises first.

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My Pics

AOM's training log

Hi there,
Thanks a lot for your advice,
As also yesterday night my erect function disapeared during sex with my wife..
This was not really amusing, as you can imagine.
I think that was a bit too tough for the start,
So I’ll have to start a bit more comfortable and smoother for better later results.

Another question:
What about the power jelq device, the video looks quite successful?

Your already big, nothing to worry about erect or flaccid. But this is the place for penis growth and health. Welcome to TP.

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