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Here I am

Here I am

Hi there,

As a newly added member I think that after joining in, I have increase my knowledge about my sexuality and I guess it would definitely help me. I am trying the newbie exercise for PE but I have some queries about it. Those being:
1. Does PE exercise need to be done in the morning or any time is suitable.
2. Any specific dietary habit is to be undertaken by me.
3. After how much time the results will show.

Thank you.

Man, I’d like to help but unfortunately your questions are way too general. It’s like walking into a gym and asking members what the best leg workout is. Another point is that what works for one person may not work at all for you. You can get results right away or you may never get any.

Good news: There is so much info on this site that you can make an educated decision on how you want to proceed. Good luck and start with a newbie routine.

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Hi suhail006,

1)Any time is suitable.

2)A good healthy diet staying away from USA type junk food. Also get plenty of water.

3) This is different from guy to guy. Some will see results in the first month. Some will take a long time to get results. Almost all guys will see an increase in flacid, (soft), sixe within a week or two.

Welcome to Thunders!

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Thank you for your gracious reply.

I am really curious about this PE therefore I Request you to please give me scientific explanations to the working mechanism of these exercises. You can provide me any reference material so that I can consult it.

Thank you

There is precious little scientific research on this subject. Browse threads started by among others Modestoman, remek, sparkyx if you wish to educate yourself.

The short version of PE science: you subject your penis to forces slightly greater than the normal design range, but not beyond the design limits. In time, the penis will adapt to the forces.

regards, mgus

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