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Help with a tiny nick on tip of penis glans, please?

Help with a tiny nick on tip of penis glans, please?

Hey everyone,

During my shower tonight, I accidentally grazed the tip of my penis with my razor. It didn’t hurt but I could tell immediately that I had hit myself. I looked down to see that it’s only a small cut (fractions of an inch in length) on the left side of my urethra. It has seemed to have stopped bleeding and there is no pain but is there anything I can do to help promote a faster healing on the cut? I don’t want to accidentally “reopen” the cut during normal daily movements and have it take longer to heal than necessary.


Your best route is to leave it alone . Maybe a spot of antiseptic. But careful handling when you take it out to urinate. and don’t shaake it to get rid of uringe. wipe or rather dab it with a piece of tissue

No masterbating. No Pe - Nothing until it is healed. If it is tiny it should only take a few days to heal But give it a week before attempting any movement of the skin.

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I suppose depending on the severity even an erection could re-open the wound, so do be careful.

Might I ask what your razor was doing near you penis? Lol

Petitfaun, after you reach 10,000 are you allowed to miss out capitalisation and punctuation? Or is it just very late at night in the permanent haze :D

Tweaking, I was shaving my bean bag :D .

I can’t even find the nick today. So I assumed it’s healed enough to close on its own but I’ll still be careful for the next couple of days. I just wanted to make sure to avoid infection since it didn’t seem to heal as fast as a nick to the scrotum.

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