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Help please

Help please

I’m a little pass 5’5 nbp and close to 4’5 girth and I was doing pe off and on for a couple of months now.I was wondering if I should work myself up to 5” girth before starting my length.if yes should I jelq my way there or start clamping help me out plz.

(06-23-08):nBPEL: 5.500 x MSEG: 4.250 x FL: 3.500

(10-24-09):nBPEL: 6.000 x MSEG: 4.500 x FL: 5.000

(Christmas 2009):nBPEL: 0.000 x MSEG: 0.000 x FL: 0.000

I’m no expert but girth gains are harder to come by than length gains, also clamping wouldn’t be recommend to you due to the fact you haven’t been doing pe very long, your more likely to cause damage.

I think it would be best to start the newbie routine and stick at it and then see what direction you would like to go in.

So you’re saying just jelq until I reach 5” girth.Can a couple more people give me there advice too,Thanks.

(06-23-08):nBPEL: 5.500 x MSEG: 4.250 x FL: 3.500

(10-24-09):nBPEL: 6.000 x MSEG: 4.500 x FL: 5.000

(Christmas 2009):nBPEL: 0.000 x MSEG: 0.000 x FL: 0.000

No just until you have finished the newbie routine and then add a girth routine, the newbie routine allows your penis to adapt and be ready for more advanced routines, if you just start clamping and you haven’t done the newbie routine you will probably end up doing damage.

Look if your new to PE, definitely start here: START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Clamping is nothing for newbies, it’s dangerous and very stressful on a newbie dick. Some people wait at least 1 year or more to start Clamping. That’s why you need to get some experience and to adapt your dick to PE. A few months on and off PE is not some thing that I advice, especial if you want to see some good gains.

Ahh yes and one more thing, take a look here: Forum Guidelines

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I would suggest do length first then work your way onto girth.
But I think you should finish the newbie routine first.

And stick to the basics.

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