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Help! from a really new "Newbie"

Help! from a really new "Newbie"

Hi. I’m 21. I’m really new to this forum and PE, and first I want to say that it’s a great place for everyone interested in PE, and it really made me think that PE is possible, and I REALLY HOPE it’ll work for me too. And I hope you guys can help me to accomplish my goal.
Now, as I said, I’m really new to PE, although I’ve been reading about it about 2 years ago (I only saw comercials, and I didn’t believe it).

But now I really started it for five days. (4 sessions).

My routine is (2 days/ one off):
5-10 min hot wrap
10-15 min manual stretches (5x30 sec front, sides, up-down)
2-3 min hot wrap
15, now 25 min manual jelques. (1-2 sec)– next week at least 30 min.
5-10 min hot wrap
My measurements are 6.5” EL, and the girths are as I said about 5” at the base, 5.1” in the middle, and 4.7-4.9” at the head.
The problem that I have is that my head doesn’t really fill at the maximum with blood but very rarely, and that’s why it’s dimensions are smaller.

Now, the problem is that I think I can’t get enough blood in the head when I jelk, so immediately when I stop the head is not swollen like I heard it should be. I also noticed that during my stretches the head becomes very small, and blue (because I have to squeeze it to pull).
So after I jelk, I notice my penis is a little swollen but my head not so much. Also I seem to have trouble keeping a 3/4 erection for the 20-30 min of jelking.

Could this be because of the stretches? Or because I can’t really surround my penis at the base all the time an the blood might flow out of the penis when I jelk?
What should I do?

I really want LENGTH first, and I don’t care so much about the girth, but on the HEAD. So what exercises do u think I should do more? Is it better if I start next week with 5 days in a row and 1 or 2 off, or 2/1 is ok?

Are my goals attainable? How much time is needed?
Any other advices are welcome and apreciated.
Thanks very much.


PS. Sorry about my english.

Welcome aboard !!

Hey Cicero,
Slow down a little. Don’t get too aggressive with your routine too quickly. From the routine you have posted, that is way too much for someone just starting out, too much potential to hurt yourself by overworking. That will just slow your gains down.

Also, add the PC exercises to your routine.

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15-20 min of jelq should be enough for the first 2 or 3 months.

10 - 15 of stretching is about right.

I’d go with 2 on 1 off.

You have trouble with the erections for the jelqing because you are doing too much.

I don’t know if you put your goals down, or forgot. If you are going for the usual 8”bpx6”girth - yes that is definitly do-able.

Good luck, good gains and be careful.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks very much your advices. I’ll slow down my jelq (maybe less time but more intensive?).
Also I’d like some advice about gaining MORE LENGTH than girth.
And another thing: I noticed that my principal vein (artera) on my penis got larger. Is it ok? I’m not sure I want a “veinier” penis.

Thanks again.


Not only will the already visible veins grow larger, you will see new veins pop up. Myself, I have been peing for 2 months now and the whole shaft is covered with bigger and smaller new (previously unvisible) veins. In my opinion it looks much more attractive and sexy. I hope that you will come to think the same, especially if you continue jelqing (that is what provokes most new/bigger veins, IMO). If you only do stretching and hanging you migth avoid it, though.


>>Also I’d like some advice about gaining MORE LENGTH than girth.>>

Jelq =length and girth (mainly midshaft and head)
stretch = length
hanging = length and girth (mainly at base)
Uli’s = girth (mainly midshaft and head)

this should give you some ideas about how to pick out the routine you need for what you want to get. Cheers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Is everyone posting the same results about veins?
Because i read in a magazine that women don’t like veini dicks.

Eh, what the heck, if this means that it’s working for me and it’ll grow, than that’s that, i’ll continue pe-ing.

Thanks for your replys.


Could you please indicate the magazine and number where you read about women´s opinion regarding veiny dicks (if you have a link, so much better)?


I think that article probably was written by some bitch that is presuming to speak for the entire of womanhood.
But that comment is interesting though…. We are lead to believe that “size doesn’t matter” by all the pop psychobabble sexologists out there. But here is a preference stated so empatically about such a minor detail. I am sure the women on this forum are exceptions, but I think that most women NEVER will admit what they really think about size to a man, perhaps to another woman or to particular men that they may have an unusually frank relationship with.

Cicero, by the way what are your starting stats??

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I read about veini dicks in some magazine like Cosmopolitan or FHM, i don’t remember exactly. But the article was reading something like there are other aspects about a men’s dick than size. And it listed some of the women preferences and what they think about dicks. Of course the article wanted to say that “Size doesn’t matter”, and it found other things about penisses to take our mind off it (SIZE). Maybe because veini dicks are also large so the owner has already enough confidence, no matter the veins.
So you guys in PE who have achieved visible results, also have veignier dicks? Is it very much visible?

Any way, I believe that a large dick (iven veini) is much better to a women then a small one. And it should sure make her orgasm better.

6.5 EL, 5 EG base, 5.15 EG mid, 4.7-4.9 EG head.
So I really want more length, and more girth at the head.
How could I get more blood in the head? It doesnt seem to be enough in the head when I jelq.



How could I get more blood in the head?

Do some at about 70% and do a kegel just before you grip at the base. The kegel should fill the CS make sure your ok grip covers the CS (the underside - it is continuous with the head).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

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