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Hello guys. I’m new to PE and to this forum. Sorry for my English.

I would like to start newbie routine, but I have a question. Does it change anything if I’m uncut? Slows progress or harder to do exercises?

Hi wow4ever, and welcome to the forum.

I myself am uncut, as are a lot of guys here. It doesn’t really make any difference except a few things:

1. when stretching, you should retract the foreskin; also I advise you to use toilet paper or baby powder for a better grip
2. hanging, something people consider after a couple of months into the newbie routine, is much harder for us uncut guys
3. us uncut guys have an advantage - it’s easier for us to dry jelq

Hope I helped a bit wow.
Take it easy and happy gains!

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Ok thanks man, going to start asap.


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