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Just wanted to say hello,

Finding this site almost brought tears to my eyes. I have had a huge self esteem problem since high school ( 34 now ) Being recently single I have a huge hurdle to make getting back out there looking for someone to settle down with. My last relationship the girl I was with towards the end of our relationship, the last 2 years or so wanted me to finish fast. So I have basically trained myself to get off quick.

Having a below average size penis and being a minute man is not going to help me at all. So any tips with this area from the members is very, very welcome. I’m going to have to retrain myself, by myself it looks like.

Just reading this site has made me feel better. I plan to get started asap. I was just about to pay cash for another site till by luck I found this one. The other site being Massivemember.

My goals are to do this for a year solid and then maybe opt for the lengthening and girth operations , girth with the new ( or maybe not new ) alloderm. Any info or opinions on that is welcome too.

Again thanks so much for the site

Not sure on all my measurements kinda hard to measure with a carpenters tape measure : /

Flacid I’m around 3 inches
Will post more before I start

Hi strike2,

Welcome to the forum!

You have found the right place. Yes, you can train yourself to last longer as well as permanently enlarge your penis with the information on this site. Start reading the link at the top of the newbie forum and you are on your way.


Hi Strike,

welcome aboard. Good to have ya’.

Look through the Newbie sections & posts and if you have questions, post ‘em…

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


A tip from a pro: Do not try to get a girth measurement with a carpenters tap measure.

Those things cut deep, and give bad measurements. So don’t go there is all I’m saying. :)

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


Welcome to Thunder’s!

The first place you should stop is the Forum FAQ (see my signature at the bottom of this post), to ensure that you know the rules of this place. Knowing the rules we keep you from getting banned; not getting yourself banned will ensure that you keep a place to go for all your PE learning and much needed male camaraderie.

After you’ve given the FAQ a thorough reading, make the Most Important Newbie Threads/Info thread your next stop. Read as much as you can before you begin anything. It’s great to take this step toward having a bigger penis, but it would be most unwise to take that step in a state of blindness and ignorance. Learn as much as you can. Just like G.I. Joe always said: Knowing is half the battle.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Welcome strike, glad to have you on board! Take your time.this isn’t an over night project! Listen to your body and read read then read some more.the amount of information in here is incredible!! And there are no financial ties (advertising) so there is no “hype”, just true experiences from guys just like you! Good luck!

:wave: Welcome to Thunder’s Place strike. The good news is you struck it lucky in coming here first and the bad new is….. Crikey, I can’t think of any! :noreally:

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

Well, man I have been basically reading non stop since I wrote my post, so much info. Heh and I was reading for a couple hours prior to even joining :) Can’t tell ya how much hope this gives me. Still lots of questions about stuff but I’m going to get some sleep and read tomarrow befor I go asking stuff :) Waiting on that one guy to post his post surgery pics. After reading all that stuff it’s kinda scary to think about.

Thanks guys

Interesting to hear you had trouble measuring girth with tape, I am writing up an article on a girth measuring device than can be easily made at home. I’ve constructed the measurer and found it works very well. I will probably be posting it in the member’s forums some time in the next few days, keep your eyes peeled for that.


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