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Hello. There.

Hello. There.

I have read about Penis Enlargement from various sites, and am aware it works, if you put in the required effort but haven’t started on it yet. I might be looking to try to do some now, perhaps 1 time a week or something to start slow.

I am fairly certain that my penis shouldn’t have much more natural growth to do, as I am 21.

You probably need to PE at least 2-3 times a week to have a chance at growing. At least 4-5 days a week is probably ideal (though there isn’t any real research to be certain…).

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome Mr. Power, be sure to hop around and post. :)

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Hey Coldpower27, welcome to the forum :wave:

I just started PEing recently and like you I decided to ease myself into it. I am currently doing half of everything in the Newbie Routine (but the full warm up/down) on a two days on, one day off basis.
While I personally think you can never be too careful or cautious with PE, I don’t think you will get a great deal of benefit from a one day per week routine. If however that’s what you feel comfortable with/have time for, then go for it and let us know how you get on.
All the best with your gains.



Not that I claim to be an expert but once a week probably won’t get you too much, if you compare it to working out in the gym even 2-3 times a week is usually (depending on the work out) considered maintenance while 3-5 is for developing.

Oh and about natural development, I haven’t noticed any major changes in my body since 21, I’m 23 now, of course everyone’s different but usually 21 is where what you see is what you get. (Or is it?).

To all who have posted so far thank you for the warm welcomes, and yeah 1 day a week for me might already be pushing it as it’s hard for me to keep a consistent routine on anything.

Hey coldpower,
Trust me matey, finding this forum and actually making a start on the Newbie Routine is the hardest bit. I’m not too hot at committing myself to routines either but now that I’ve started the PE process I can feel myself getting really in to it already. I think that PEing will be more like a hobby that an arduous task for me personally.
I’d also like to add that I knew about this forum for a whole year before I really started reading. This is partly due to the fact that Thunder’s didn’t used to accept free e-mail addresses but also largely down to me having an attention span equivalent to that of a baby at the ballet.


Hmmm, that is interesting to hear. On another note does anyone know why I STILL can’t post new threads in forums yet?? How many post do you need?

Originally Posted by coldpower27
Hmmm, that is interesting to hear. On another note does anyone know why I STILL can’t post new threads in forums yet?? How many post do you need?

Nevermind I got the information I needed.


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