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Hello there Just showing my existence on the forum, heh

Hello there Just showing my existence on the forum, heh

Just to say hi. I’ve been browsing in this forum for some time now.. About several months really.. I have jelqed several time but bot followed a strict program, which I am to start soon. But I have been very curious about the subject of PE and have been looking onto devices, from original creations, to those incredibly expensive devices which many are skeptical about. I have come to several conclusions from the research I’ve done from the way each of these work and their Pros and Cons. The truth is that all if not handled carefully will damage the penis but devices like pro extender and such look like they can damage severely either nerves or flood flow.. Etc etc I have come up with my own device (designed only really, only as an hypothesis) and I guess I’ll post it in another forum.. Well.. Just letting know my thoughts or whatever. Guess I’ll be a regular poster from now on. Just need to know where to post my device idea so I can discuss it with detail.


You will need to have a post count of 20 before you can start a thread in all of the forums. Until then, you have to post in the Newbie. If you like, we can move your thread to another more appropriate place once we find out what your device is.


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