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Hello everyone New to the Forum

Hello everyone New to the Forum

Hi there, I’m Fiat Lux and I have decided to stop wasting money on pills and devices that just don’t work! I got sick of promised results with the realization that I had failed to achieve any gains. I want to lengthen and thicken my penis. I have low self esteem due to my penis size. My erect length is about 4.8-5 inches and my girth is 4 1/2? Something like that. I have read the newbie routine and am hoping to start that out tomorrow. I would love to know how you all keep track of gains and what has worked best for you. I really want to get to a realist length of 6.5 inches, I think that is respectable, my dream would be 7, but I want to have a realistic goal. As for girl I would like to be a little thicker as well. I’m not sure if being uncircumcised will affect any routines I would, in the future, like to try. Any advice from guys who have foreskin and have had results?!

Thanks so much everyone and I hope to keep people updated with results and my routine as I feel that is a great way to motivate myself as well as others

-Fiat Lux!

Newbie routine gave me .75 x.25. I measure weekly, but most recommend monthly. Measure as often you like, but remember patience and persistence are the keys to success around here.

How long did it take you to achieve those gains?

6 months

Welcome to the forum, Fiat Lux! Start with the newbie routine and you can keep track of your gains and routine and whatever else you’d like, right here in this thread, (or start another dedicated to just that!)

I believe it’s good to set goals, but they need to be realistic and not based on something someone else has achieved. We all gain differently, and what works well for one guy may not work so well for another. The newbie routine will get your penis conditioned for more advanced exercises later (if you even need them-some guys gain for a long time with the newbie routine!) and you’ll get a feel (no pun intended :) ) for what might seem to work best for you. In the meantime, keep reading and learning and focusing on the reality that you are much more than the size of your dick. Good luck!!

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Welcome to TP. Make sure you read up on how to properly measure otherwise it can make it harder to see actual results.

Pre PE: 5/8/04 BPEL 6.25" EG 5"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

Routine, Pics

Just did my first Newbie Routine, I didn’t feel pain, or soreness.. My penis didn’t really engorge when I was done. I am guessing since I am rather new to this that it takes some practice to get this right. I warmed up and jelqed in the shower. So it was warm the whole time. I only did the jelq 100 times as my hand got really cramped.. That’s alright though yes?

Can’t wait to continue this journey and hoping to see results in the future!

Yeah if your hand cramps that’s normal, you’re new to this

Also it’ll take a couple of sessions before you get a hang of things

Once you do start feeling pain/soreness/numbness be sure to read your PI’s and rest accordingly!

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Today is day two of PE, I felt a little soreness/pressure when I was jelqing today. I’m going to stay confident that this will work. Again, I didn’t really get that engorged. It looked how it looks usually right after I ejaculate. Is that how it’s supposed to look? After the cool down it went down to normal size.

This is how it should go yes?


I did a light day three as It should be my rest day, just light stretching! I’ll be back to Jelqing tomorrow.


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