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Hello all

Hello all

Y first of all hello and I’m going to say thank you in advance for all the support and motivation I believe I will obtain from here! I’ll try to catch on to the lingo here but I’m presently 7.25-7.5 inches erect length and my girth is 5 I think maybe 5.5, need to measure that to be sure and I want to grow! I’m semi comfortable with my length but don’t feel that my girth is up to par. I’m 23 years old and Caucasian circumcised and I do believe I’m 4.5-5 inches flaccid. I bought some super vir enlargement oil a few years ago but never really used it regularly and I’m not convinced one way or another if it works or not but I’m gonna assume it doesn’t. My reasons for wanting to be bigger is to feel personal satisfaction, as in trying to accomplish something because who doesn’t want to see their members volume increase!



Welcome. This is a great place.

I would recommend reading up on taking a proper measurement and then doing it so you know your starting point.

Next, I’ll point out that you are already well above average in length, girth and flaccid.

Last, I would suggest setting realistic goals and even some intermediate ones.

Good luck.

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You are about the perfect size, according to many vets, but right, who doesn’t want?

Exactly right who doesn’t want more. I don’t believe I’m the perfect size but even if I were I want to feel accomplished like I made a difference in my sex life. I’m trying to set a realistic goal of noticing a difference. So far I’ve done the warm up, helicopter spins, and wet jelqing. I’ve for sure noticed a bigger flaccid penis and maybe it’s just me but it seems thicker erect too. I’m already starting to be happy with the gains so maybe I won’t pursue much more but it would be cool to know I got 8 inches someday.

Thanks again

You have a good size, but I guess we’d all be happy with more.

Welcome Roger, this is a great men’s place not just for PE but for anything man related, not many women around and its anonymous so it’s really cool you can just be yourself.

My suggestion - take some beginning pics, even if you don’t feel comfortable posting them you’ll be happy to have them once you make some gains.

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I posted pictures already on the progress forum I think


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