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Heating blanket? Are they hot enough?

Heating blanket? Are they hot enough?

Searched but could not find a thread that dealt specifically with this.

Also, what are the pros and cons compared with an IR lamp? Wouldn’t the IR affect one side of the penis more than the other? Whereas with a blanket that would not be the case?

I only go with hot water for warm up, it is the best, warm water is the best plus I think the moistening of the skin is best for it and prevents any damage, but that is just a guess on my part. I have used a heating pad in the past but feel that is drys out the skin which I don’t feel is best.

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I prefer a rice sock. It moistens the skin as well while heating.

I go with hot water too.. in the shower wich I like the best, because you warm up your entire body not only the penis.. wich is good for body relaxation.

When I’m lazy, I use a big container with warm water in it.. enter my penis in it and push the container against my public bone with the balls leaved outside.

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Heat is the key!

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