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Healing in elongated state

Healing in elongated state

Hi ,

What you guys think did traction wrap helps in any way after hanging ? What material is best for wrap , how long need stay wrapped ?

I was reading that for max results need rich 10 hours of hanging a week , I hang 9 lbs 5 days on / 2 off for 4 sets * 20 min .total 6 1/2 hours a week , can’t do more because busy of work schedule, maybe better start to add more weights ? Hang BTC , how I should know that ligs can’t stretched no more and need change angle ?

Sorry for loosy explanation , thanks in advance )))

Do a search for Bib’s LOT theory. That’ll tell you when to change angles.

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that theory has been disproven or at least not very helpful.

I would hot wrap. Then follow cervixhunter’s steady lengthening guide, then after that routine jump straight into your hanging routine.

You can buy some silicon sleeves off of ebay pretty cheap. I would wear that for a few hours “if circulation permits” to help heal in the extended state.

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