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Having some jelq issues


Originally Posted by WideLoad
Not to hijack this thread, but why is there a difference between erect and non-erect kegels? I was not aware that doing erect kegels was more taxing on the unit - what problems could arise from overdoing them?

My point is that the Kegels in the Newbie Routine are intended to be non-erect Kegels, done as part of the warm-down process.

The basic point of the exercise is to increase muscle tone and thereby promote blood-flow to the region.

Non-erect Kegels have the advantage of being able to be done anywhere at any time; in the car, listening to music, in the subway, or perhaps at a really boring chick-flick with your girl - whatever. Squeeze and hold for five seconds, release, repeat - 50 times; that’s it.

It’s not that there is a danger to doing them with an erection. You can’t really overdo Kegels. But, especially for Newbies, the whole idea is to tune into the body and be precise. Having an erection can be somewhat of a distraction. Often Kegels done with an erection are accompanied by Edging or full-on masturbatory activities; these can be problematic in terms of really getting the most out the exercise and concentrating on doing them fully, and properly.

Nothing wrong with erect Kegels per se, it’s just that we want folks to learn to get the most out of what they are doing.

If you get bored at work, do a few Kegels. It can’t hurt.

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Got it, thanks for clarifying Hr. Happy!

I’m sorry guys, but I have to admit that there are some things that I do not understand, yet.

I would like to know if it is OK to make some modifications to the newb routine. I can honestly say that after these five days, I am feeling really good, no soreness, or mutilation to my dick. It all feels natural down there, honestly.

I do not want to break any balls here, and I know that you are all speaking from a vast experience, but I would just like to say that what I have been doing so far feels like it’s helping me rather than hurting me.

I could maybe trim my routine to:

5-min. Rice Sock
10-min. BTC stretch (2 for 5 minutes each)
30-min. Olive oil jelqs, with a 5 minute BTC stretch/Rice Sock every 10 minutes (maybe watch some porno)
5-min Rice Sock
50 Kegels: 40 for 8 seconds, 9 for 10 seconds, and 1 for 20 seconds

This is probably going to sound like I’m trying to change the rules, but I am just really excited about all this, and am honestly not too happy with my size at the moment. 6’ EL kind of messes with my head sometimes.

Yesterday: 6.2 NBP

Today: 6.5 NBP (varies...)

Tomorrow: 8 NBP

That’s pretty much the newb routine anyway. It’s just the duration of jelqing is on the upper end of the scale. It refers more to the exercise selection than the order I think.

Any particular reason for just stretching BTC?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

I am under the impression that it is better than the normal stretches, such as the one I named: “Pull and Hold”. There is a picture of it on the newb database along with BTC.

Am I wrong? I want to know what Lord Harris did when he was on his first steps towards perfection.

Yesterday: 6.2 NBP

Today: 6.5 NBP (varies...)

Tomorrow: 8 NBP

Ha compared to Mr Happy and Lampwick I’m a novice. In fact I am a novice!

I started doing BTC about a fortnight in, when the lig stretching “tightness” had started to go a little from normal downwards stretches. In terms of being “better” I really don’t know to be honest, but you do get a more intense feeling of stretch there.

Read my progress thread it has everything in there save one or two workouts I forgot to journal, I have gained a little over .5” El thus far.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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