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Has this ever happened to anyone??

Has this ever happened to anyone??

I woke this morning and I looked down at my junk and say it was hanging weirdly. I went to the bathroom and saw it in the mirror. It was flacid, but it had the length of an erection!!!! It was abit scary. I decided to see what would happen if it got erect. It started to get hard and lift up. My erection was huge!!!!! I dont know what happened, but it was bigger than before. It kind of hurt though. It felt like there was probably alittle too much blood in it. It looked more toned and the veins were more visible. But still…It was amazing!! It hasnt gotten like that again, though. It think it might be gains, or maybe just a really odd morning wood. Has this ever happened to anyone else??

When I first started reading, I was going to ask if the dick fairy came down and granted you a big one, then as I read, I started thinking perhaps you may have had a mild priapism.

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A spurt of growth. That’s good.

Not sure if this has happened to me as you describe it. I certainly have a great variation in flaccid size. Normally I hang at about 3.5” flaccid length, but there are times when it hangs at about 5.5” length and about 5.25 girth (looks awesome) and I’m about 6.75BPEL or so and about 5.5EG. Usually my erections are slightly thicker when I harden from a larger flaccid, but nothing significant and not really any longer.

Was the pain a good pain? Like a boner so hard it hurts, like the skin is going to explode from the internal pressure. That I feel is a good thing, or was it a different pain?

It was flacid, but it was hanging around 5-6” inches. When erect it looked and felt like a 7”. Im not sure exactly the length, but it defeinatly didnt feel like usual. And I highly doubt that it was a priapism. I hope it is a sign of gains. It kinda hurt, though.

Wow crazy shit man, maybe youll get lucky and it will get stuck like that !! Lol

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Congrats on a good morning!

Sounds like an epic morning woody. If I were you I would try my damnedest to back track and figure out how the hell I made it happen.

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I really don’t see how a flaccid can be interpreted as morning wood. You were actually supposed to wake up with an erection for this to be considered “morning wood”.

Yeah that’s happened once. It’s possible that you just got it caught between your legs and you stretched it out for a few hours. As long as it went back to normal after a while I’m sure you’re fine. Some day’s you wake up with drool on your face or crust in your eyes. It’s a rare occurrence but you know it’s not a cause for concern.

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