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What is the best way to achieve a rockhard erection? The type that you could knock nails in with? My erections don’t seem as firm as they used to, mind you, I do smoke, and drink… Also, is the upwards angle of an erection down to the firmness or is that something that can be changed too?


I’m new at this as well, but can tell you for a fact that the kegels really help with hardness. If you want a hardon like you had as a teenager utilize this exercise as much as possible.


thunder and all

i’m a smoker, but i still get rock hard erections. do you think i’d actually get bigger erections from quitting smoking even though i still get steel pipe hard? does anyone have any experience with gains just from quitting smoking?


Hey BeBop

I stopped smoking a couple of years ago for three months. That is what got me into PE. After I had stopped for a month, it was like I had a new dick. Erections as good and as quick to spring into action as when I was a teenager. My morning erections were so dam hard I had to be careful getting out of bed, didn’t want to damage anyone/anything with it. :)

Anyway, when I started back up smoking I knew the erections were going to suffer and started looking for a way to keep them and still smoke. PE was what I came up with.

I was a two pack a day smoker and while this is my experience, it may not be the same for every guy out there. But if you can manage it, better erections and better sex are side benefits to the better general health improvements.

I smoke under a pack a day now and have stopped the L-Arg and L-Lys I used to take to help with the circulation when I smoked more. Quit or slow down as much as you can, you may be surprised at the difference.

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Thunder - quit fooling around and quit!

If you managed to quit for 3 months then you were 92% there to have quit permantly. Period.

I read an aritcle a short while ago that stated 4 ways to quit smoaking and the longterm results of each. I beleave they listed;
1. the patch/pills
2. slowly reducing the number of cigarates per day
3. using hypnosis
4. cold turkey
The most effective means of quitting was cold turkey and the least effective was using the patch/pills.

I started smoking when I was 12 years old and quit on February 15, 1971 about 4 months before my 25th birthday. The first month was hell, the second month was bad the third month was not too bad and so on. The biggest problem I had was what to do with my hands? They seemed to be always in the way of things, because when we smoked we had something for them to do.

Well my answer is to quit “cold turkey” and use your hands for PE. If I had known about PE in ‘71 I might have been as long as bigger today, who knows. But you are correct. The advantages of not smoking are many fold and I like to keep my money folded in my pocket, not in the governments pocket.

Just my thoughts. Canuck

addressing one of gorfs original questions, about erection angle, I believe that the angle it points at is basically a genetic thing and can’t really be improved/changed much.

and I don’t think that big ones sag down because they’re heavy.
even if I support mine with hands, it still will not point anywhere but straight out (although the downwards curve makes it a bit weird lookin’) even if I do a handstand or lie on my back, it will point straight out…

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