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Hanging Straight Up While Lying In Bed

Hanging Straight Up While Lying In Bed

Hi everyone,I’m a long time lurker,1st time poster.I searched for this but did not find it.I have just started hanging like Monty with a bungee cord for SO hanging.My question is if I lay on my bed and hook bungee to my ceiling would this negatively affect gains since I’d be working against gravity and may reduce blood flow?Thanks all input greatly appreciated.JD76

Thanks Gerry for the reply.I feel better about trying SO hanging in this way now,And as for where I keep my head.sometimes way further south than I probably should!

Originally Posted by gerrykjohnsons
If gravity is such a problem for blood flow, where do you keep your head?

Got a good chuckle out of that one. You know, to solve this you could try suspending your self to the roof and hook the bungee to the floor….then gravity will be working for you…:)

Yeah!Just a bit of Velcro should do the trick!Actually I once made a bench with a hole in it and hung straight out(down)with weight plates but it became very uncomfortable at the glans so I stopped that.When I hang SO while standing or lying flat on my back hooked to the ceiling I don’t seem to have any of the pressure/discomfort .I just figured it was the gravity putting some major pressure on glans.don’t really know.

I would be afraid of the bungee coming loose, and blasting me in the balls. I was thinking maybe a pulley hanging from the ceiling with a rope and weight run trough it.

Yeah, with the counterweight far far away from my balls and head.

Well I’ve decided to just stick to the SO hanging and gradually move up with weight,probably more so add sets and keep weight as low as I can for as long as I can(Using 15 lbs now) with no obvious probs.If I can get similar results as Monty I would be ecstatic!Doing 1 hr. Now and will probably top out at around 1 1/2 or 2 hrs. Per day.Will let my little friend help dictate(no pun intended)how fast I increase sets/weight.Can’t help but wonder if some on here give their penis a bit too much of a break,Of course that is the wise choice concerning the alternative of doing way too much.I am constantly feeling my glans to make sure there is no numbness,coldness etc.I have to wonder if some of the big gainers actually adhered to the 20 minute rule at all times or if they felt no probs they went a bit further.I AM NOT condoning anyone go over 20 minute limit but I have many times(30)min.max without problems.Again everyone is different and need to experiment on their own.I can’t over emphasize that this is what I choose to do and in no way recommend anyone else(especially the so called newbies)to take any unnecessary chances.If I cause damage to my unit it is ENTIRELY MY OWN DAMN FAULT!I will let ya’ll know in a few months if I’ve grown or more importantly if I still have anything left to grow!Laters!JD76

Okay,for all of you who aren’t sick to death of me already.I’ve decided to stick with the SO angle while lying on my back in bed.In other words straight up to the ceiling(VERY well secured by the way)I have just worked up to 3 sets of 15lbs. while keeping a close watch(feel) of my glans every few minutes.I try to use my PE weights after hanging for at least a couple hrs. or more.So far everything feels great!Hopefully I’ll be able to report some great gains in near future.Good luck to all and as Red Green might say”We’re All In This Together”.Laters.JD76

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Kinda sick of reading your posts JD. It’s pain in the eye when you don’t add the space between sentences. A lot of people, me most of the time, just skip posts that are hard to read.

Sorry Thunder. I’ll get the hang of this soon. I hope. Later! JD76

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