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Guys I need help

Guys I need help

I was with this girl, She’s a tease I fucked her a long time ago but she gives me a hard time. After 4 years I had a chance to fuck her again. I’ve hung out with her made out a few times got instant solid wood. The other night I was with her and we were going to fuck. I had two beers in me, my dick was like spaghetti. It was embarassing. We were hanging out again and I was kissing her and I got a mild chubb. I never had this problem and I don’t have a problem with this but it’s this girl. I’m so set on impressing her in bed I think I’m getting performance anxiety. She’s smoking hot normally I’d be hard through the ceiling. WTF is up with me because I’m not having this problem with any girls and how can I get an instant hard on? Does yohimbe work or should I take viagra..

Also I’ve been jelqing for like 2 months I’ve had great increases and I have a harder errection but it takes me some time to get up there. How can I speed up the erection process

Try some kegels. Viagra, from what I have heard, costs too much. Just stick with your jelqing and kegel, kegel and kegel. They really help me get rock hard erections and stay hard for longer periods of time.

It sounds like your PE regime is having a negative impact on your erections, in that it is taking you longer to get a hard on. In that case a little cialis from kitsnmore might just be the thing you need. Their liquid products are so cheap that you don’t have to worry about costs.

With kegels you’ll have to find the right balance, too much kegeling and you’ll stand a chance to ruin your staying power. Whereas too little doesn’t provide maximum improvement.

Good luck!

Johny the problem is that once we get ‘performance anxiety’ it tends to feed on itself so the next time you’re with the girl the stress level goes up (worried it will happen again) before you’ve even seen her.

When I had this happen to me a couple of times, I bit the bullet and went to see my GP and told him about it. He gave me a couple of sample packs of Cialis and ‘boing’ problem solved.

I actually ordered some generic Cialis through the mail (not that expensive) and if I’m a bit down in any way I’ll pop half a tab and be safe in the knowledge that I’ll be going into an evening with a beautiful woman with everything in full working order.


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

Hi Mule and Oki, we’ve got to stop meeting like this…


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

- Humphrey Bogart to Claude Raines, Casablanca

Maybe you should ease your routine a little bit (more rest days/less workout), at least when you are planning to meet this girl. It is also better not to drink alcohol before sex.

Arginine helps also, although I haven’t used it personally for some time. It dries my skin a little bit too much, at least in dry winter conditions (actually it is quite lousy winter going on, but anyway).

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

Yea I’m just a little freaked because, about 2 months ago she was kissing me and I was like boing now, She’s walking around naked in front of me and I’m limp lol. It’s just her too, ohter girls it’s not a problem , I think I’m thinking about it too much. Damn I wish I could pick up some cialis tonight lol

Try taking vitamins with L-ararginine.

It’s weird, right?? I had the same exact problem you did. I never had a problem with this ever before, it’s just that one girl. The whole time we are making out I’m hard as a rock and sometimes just always hard around her. It’s either psychological or I tire my dick out cause it’s hard for like 2 straight hours when that time comes, but it seems like it just goes limp to toy with me and mock I’m very comfortable with her too, when time comes again very shortly hopefully things will be different.


Maybe you need to think about how you really feel about this girl. You are acting as if you care a lot about her. The other girls it’s no big thing because you don’t care about their opinion.I think I’d examine you motivations for being with this gal.

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