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Growing pains anyone

Growing pains anyone

Does anyone ever experience little pains that feel like their penis is slightly stretching out?
Not a paint that shoots through the bottom left gland like some injuries, but a pain throughout the whole penis that sort of feels like it is being engorged?
Now I have experienced these pains before and for the most part gains came along with them, I have never noticed any negative side effects from them.
Also when I do get these pains my penis feels a bit tender, and slightly bigger and “Nicely Engorged” bigger, but noticeably.
Today I started taking ginseng rush, and coincidentally I felt what I have been explaining throughout my penis.
I have also been feeling these pains since yesterday to, and like I said from the past there has not been any negative side effects so I don’t think I am over working it.
The real question is to all you experts is if anybody feels the same thing such as growing pains, and/or is there any information to back it up.

Thank you and yes


Hey guys I messed up on some things..

My penis does NOT feel nore look the size it does when I pump or something, it sometimes feels like it is but during the pains it basically remains the same besides the slightly bigger flaccid hang.
I don’t know the erection size during these “growing pains” because I just want to let my dick be.
Again I am sorry for the sloppy post.

Hello Itmatterz,

I do think it matters, for that matter..
Well I am new (three months now) to it, but I do feel these pains from time to time too, so what I do is pay attention to the other factors mentioned about good indicators, like quality of erections, night erections etc. I will post my gains after my next measure, is going to be on June 15th. Since I started I gained 1cm, let’s see next time.

Have you gained? How munch?


Have you measured it erected?

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