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This is my first post, so i’m a bit nervous…

Here we go!

I was wondering if anyone has input on getting a good grip during manual stretching. Basically my grip(OK Grip) starts to slip after about 20 seconds of stretching unless i put a lot (painful!) of pressure on the glans. I’ve tried talcum powder…but to no avail. Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance!



Your first post ! Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?

Try a little bit of toilet or tissue paper placed below and around the glans, then do your ok grip below the glans and stretch. Also, when you stretch, start out light and easy. As you feel your dick beginning to loosen up or give, you can gradually intensify the pull. Any form of PE should NEVER be painful!



RB came up with the suggestion of using a golf glove. Haven’t tried it yet but I’d imagine it would work well.

Welcome to the forum, Antistar.

I’m partial to paper towels - the soft kind that are more like cloth than paper. Other guys use gym shorts, t-shirt, underwear, rosin, rubber gloves, leather gloves and God knows what else. Try different things until you find something that works for you.

Also try stretching bare handed right after taking a (preferably hot) shower or bath. The penis and hand skin retain enough moisture to be tacky.

I second peforeal’s admonition to take it easy at first. You shouldn’t be trying to pull your dick off. :)

Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Once the last of the red spots clear up, i’ll start experimenting and let you know how it goes.


I use a bit of an old t-shirt cut in a strip, need to wash it occassionally though.

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Some also use surgical latex (?) gloves. Works wonders they say.

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gym shorts work incredibly well. Thanks for the ideas, guys.

No more red spots…


My favorite aid in manual stretching is rubber gloves (surgical type, as Base mentioned). I swear by the gloves and it has taken my manual stretching to a whole new level. In fact, I’ve had to reduce my pulling pressure, because my grip is so much better than what it was with powder.

Now, for gripping, I had a problem with severe blood blisters on my glans. I tried everything I could think of to reduced the amount of blood being smashed into the glans when I stretch. Finally, while stretching I watched as best as I could to see exactly what was going on. I realized that as I stretched, my fingers slowly slipped up and over the rim of the glans. I had no idea this was happening. My solution to prevent the slippage? Step one was converting to rubber gloves. Step two was to add my middle finger into the OK grip. Rather than using only my index and thumb, I now use my middle finger along with the index and it has reduced the slipping and the bruises and blood blisters on my glans have subsided a great deal.

You may have issues with stretching your skin more than your penis if/when you try what I’ve described. Don’t let that bother you. You’ll need that skin stretched anyway, and the sooner you get that skin loosened the sooner you’ll be able to get some real nice dry jelqing in.

Above all, be patient and consistent.

Now I must run off and heed my own advice.

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I usually clamp mine in the ol’ shop vice and back up as far as possible….well maybe not. I would try plastic wrap too. It works pretty good for me.

hey, Antistar!

I use baby- powder, that gives me a good grip without having to apply too much force.

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very funny, miccirsh. hehehe

fauven, could you go into a bit more detail about skin stretching? Right now, I feel as though all I’m stretching is skin, and wake up in the morning after PE with VERY sore skin and only mildly sore ligs/tunica. Even though the skin is tight I can still get a good pump jelqing but I’m still worried about that skin, particularly the skin right between the navel and base of the penis. thanks man



If your dick is going to grow, you’re skin will need to grow with it. I haven’t PEed myself in about a week and it’s probably been two weeks since I’ve had a real good workout, but I still spend about 20 minutes a day stretching my skin only.

If you find that you can’t stretch your ligs and tunica without giving your skin a tight stretch as well, I’d just keep doing as you are and maybe add a little extra skin stretching into your routine to get your skin loose enough that you can grip your dick and pull it without having your skin get so tight.

If you’re trying to avoid stretching the skin and you want to focus on your ligs and tunica only, you can try grabbing the head of your penis and stretching it out and then grab it just below the head with your stretching grip. As you grip it, you can lightly push the skin toward your body. That’s as you grip it, not after you grip it. This will bunch as much skin as possible between your gripping hand and your body, rather than having semi-loose skin on both sides of your grip.

When I stretch my skin, I usually do it in four ways:

1.) I make an over-sized OK sign at the base of my dick. I don’t squeeze the dick, I just do this to press the flesh around the base of my penis to my body. I then grab my penis about mid-shaft with the other hand with a grip tight enough to pull the skin, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation or forces too much blood to the tip of my dick. This allows me to stretch my skin for long intervals without causing the head of my dick to get cold or get blood blisters.

2.) I make an OK grip near the base of my penis, but not quite at the base. I make another OK grip further up the shaft, closer to the head. In this fashion, I proceed to pull the skin between my two OK grips apart. I can move both gripping hands up and down the shaft as I please to focus on different areas of the skin to stretch.

3.) The third way I stretch the skin is more aimed at foreskin restoration, though I believe all of my skin-stretching will also aid in this goal. I pinch a small portion of skin with my index and thumb of both hands about a quarter to half an inch below the head. I then pull the skin up and over the head of my dick, causing my head to vanish in a tube of stretched skin. I pull my skin out in this manner until it is quite tight, and then I usually change the angle of my pull to give the skin a stretch from various angles and to get skin that might not be getting as much pull from my stretch.

4.) The fourth way I stretch my skin also uses requires me to pull the skin up and over my head. When the skin is pulled over the head, I push of my thumbs into the “tube” created by the skin and then move my thumbs away from one another. The result of this is not a stretch away from my body, but a stretch away from my dick. My left thumb is pulling the skin to the left; the right thumb pulls the skin to the right.

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