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Hello all, new here and just wanted to say hello to every one. i hope that this board will be a fun and educational experience.

If i may ask a question…

what penis enlargement pill do you all find to be the most effective. Also, what key ingredience should i look for?



Hello Mrbee,

Welcome to the forum.

Check out the Forum Guidelines and less of the x in thanks and i where I is appropriate. Thanks.

Also check out the Supplement Forum. No Penis Enlargement pill is worth the cost of the label they slap on the container. No supplement is necessary for successful PE. Some supplements can aid, especially if libido is a problem, but there are always extremely cheap alternatives (L-arginine powder springs to mind) that stomp PE pills into submission.

Hi All,

I am new here (just registered today) and have always wanted to try pumping but never have. The problem I have right now is I work overseas (currently Iraq) and have to enter the country thru Kuwait which does not allow Booze, Porn, or Porn/Sexual devices.

Until I get home and can purchase the proper unit(s), can you guide me thru the process of making an improvised pump?


Welcome stroker. Using the search button (top right of every page) and the search term “home made” and limiting your search to the Pumpers Forum should get you 20+ threads that contain those words. At least half of them discuss making your own pumping cylinder. You can use mouth suction to create the vacuum once you have your cylinder made, but it’s strongly recommended that you use a hand pump with a gauge. It’s easy to hurt yourself if you don’t know the amount of vacuum you’re applying. The Mityvac brand of automotive brake cylinder pumps is the one most recommended if you’re looking to spend less than US$40 on one.


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