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Great gains after day 2


Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
Jelq Jelq Jelq Jelq, then Jelq some more.

I did some clamping for a time and that’s when I gained most of my girth. But over time I started to see some negative affects on erection quality and morning wood (two of my biggest indicators of the effectiveness of my routine). So I have stopped clamping for the time and just been stretching and jelqing. Since doing that I have seen all my positive indicators return and feel like I have grown in girth yet again.

Great points, RTG, I have been wondering lately if anyone still jelqs or when it was confirmed that jelqs stopped working. :)

RoomTo Grow

Thanks again - will report back gains in due course. I have just recorded by stats in the PE Data Site. Good idea to keep it up to date.

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine

Great points, RTG, I have been wondering lately if anyone still jelqs or when it was confirmed that jelqs stopped working. :)

I’ll let you know when they do. But don’t expect that anytine soon. :leftie:



I am just starting too with l=5.5, g=5. Not so much bigger than you mate. I’m 47, have been married twice, once for seven years and still married now after 15 years. I have never thought I was too small and neither have any of my partners. Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieved orgasm, no matter how big a guy’s penis is. Read “The Hyte Report ” if you don’t believe me. I have been able to get my wives to orgasm up to four times in one session by fingering them while fucking. Forget about sex - if you can share love with a partner then you can make sex work.

At this stage you are probably thinking something like oh yeah, if that’s so then why am I doing PE. Fact is that I have always enjoyed sex both with a partner and with myself and the thought of a 8” penis is attractive - it could be a bit of mid life crisis and boredom as well. But I’m enjoying an excuse to play with my penis for hours.

Me back again - yes to everything tulongalofa says. After all said and done it’s girth that the women appreciate - so 8 inches - maybe but 6 inch girth - now there’s something!

Thanks for your comments.

I guess in terms of your general physique your dick may look small at 6.75 x 4.75. I am slim built and my current 6.75 x 5.2 actually looks quite huge - and in that sense I am sort of satisfied - by that I mean not as concerned as you are. BUT let’t face it we are not talking about small dicks here.

This forum is great cos those who are not so well endowed can get some encouragement from others. Maybe we need to develop a more psychological attitude to size and sex. When a women is being satisfied by her man - performing well with whatever nature has endowed him with - I doubt she is thinking about size. No?

Hi guys

What to folks think about the issue - see earlier postings - on the dillema of general physique vs cock size. It seems a bit sad to think that a guy with a great body - big, muscular and fit should seem to be disadvantaged in some way if his endowment is not above average or huge.

I think my daily increases are continuing but I havn’t checked - you can become obsessed with measurements.

I also need to go a bit more gently with the jelks as I seem to have exhausted my self - I.e. Not able to sustain an erection afterwards for many hours. Help!

A lot of the time these bodybuilders end up shrinking their cocks through steroids etc from what I’ve heard. Mind you when they get that serious about bodybuilding the cock debate goes out the window!

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

Starter Pics/Clamping Pics

8x6 dick is an 8 x 6 dick no matter what your other body parts look like. It will feel the same no matter if you have 20” arms or 10” arms.

I too have incorporated a lot of dry jelqs into my routine as of late. If you stick to the newbie routine for a couple of months, I’m sure you won’t have anything to complain about. When gains slow down, crank up the intensity a little, then try more sets.

Just remember to warm up your dick before working out, then stretch. You can start jelqing after that. Why you ask? Because it prevents injuries and helps gains.


I dare say it will feel the same but a 8 x 6 on a reasonably slim bod looks enormous. Incidentally, on another thread somewhere a well developed (body) chap was depressed because his dick was only above average and his women thought that it should have been more like the rest of him 10 x 8 !!


I agree a big body needs an even bigger dick to look proportional (I know, I’m 230 lbs. and every bit of 6’3”)

The fact remains that it will feel the same to a woman, and that is all that matters.

Well said - point taken


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