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Grease cutter.

Grease cutter.

Experimenting with different lubs I feel that vaseline is the best option. Today was wet jelq day. After the session I washed down my package 3 times with hot soapy water.

Just now, late morning, I came from the mens room and I still have a slick willy. Does any one have any suggestions on cutting the vaseline?

Vaseline is petrolium based, so try a little gasoline, just stay away from open flame. :)

And just in case you don’t have my sense of humor, that was a joke, don’t go putting any unleaded on your willie!!!!!!!

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try dishwashing soap.


I also use Vasaline for wet jelqing. I find that if you first wipe off with a paper towel, it makes washing much easier. I never have any residue after this process.

Have you ever tried the water based lubes like KY? (Target and Walmart brands sell for half.) All you need is a bowl of warm water near by to dip your finger tips into when it gets a little sticky, but after your workout, it’s all gone with a warm water rinse.


If you want to remove the vaseline, then just use a kitchen grease cutter like DAWN dishwashing detergent diluted with some water.


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