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Good News.

Good News.

So following a very sad post that I made a year ago on this website, where I was very down about my size of 6.25x4. I don’t remember when exactly I started PEing after this, but sometime earlier this year, maybe in March, I JP90’d for a few weeks, and gained about .25 inches in girth. This got me excited because I found that it was actually possible to gain girth from PEing. Anyways, I lost motivation really quickly, and recently got back into it and was still around 6.25x4.25. After PEing for about another month, I’m now at around ~6.75x4.6. This is pretty exciting to be honest because I’m finally hitting close to average in girth, and considering how easily I’m gaining it, it seems like the idea of getting into the 5’s and my goal, ~5.5 girth, isn’t all that impossible. Now I know that these extremely fast girth gains aren’t going to happen forever, but the fact that I’m a whole .5 bigger in girth is pretty astonishing. So I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m happily PEing and it’s really working for me :-)

What’s your beginner routine?

BPEL - 5.438 x MSEG - 4.313 (NOV-24-2014)

Goal: 6 X 5

Goal 2: 6.2ish X 5.2ish


Congratulations. Great progress.

4Foreskin ;)

My beginner routine was JP90. Right now, I’m experimenting and decreasing the intensity but improving the individual jelqs quality, for example 5 to 6 second jelqs instead of really short ones, and I’m trying that because it seems like a pattern that people who do longer jelqs make consistent gains.

Congratulations man, always great to see gains. I too did the JP90, and that’s where most of my gains came from. It’s a great routine. I would continue doing it until you no longer see gains from it, or slighy modify to focus more on girth like adding more jelqs and decreasing stretches.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

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