Going back to PE

Hi guys,

I learned many years ago about jelqing and stretching and I believe the results were more noticeable when not erect. I think the gains are not from “cells expanding, etc” but just getting some cm that’s “hidden”. It’s like when you take a dump. The muscles “pushes” the penis “outside”.

The best results I got stretching/jelqing on the hot shower. I think the muscles relaxes and it’s easier to stretch.

I just ordered online some cheap extender called Pro Extender (seems like a generic one). I’m planning on using it after stretching on the hot shower and using it for longer periods. Does that thing really work? I just see vague answers. I saw some documentary called Super Penis (or something like it) about a guy with 6’ penis doing surgery and the doctor giving the guy a stretching device and told him to use for prolonged use after the surgery.

My penis is around 16cm. What kind of gain can I expect?

Thank you guys.