Getting a bit complacent

So I have been following my revised and updated jelqing/stretching routine for about a month and a half now and I am following it to a t but I am getting a little complacent and my confidence level is not where it should be I don’t think. Here is what I have been doing 3 days in a row with one day rest:

10 minute warm up with moist heating pad while kegeling (5 second hold on each kegel)
20 minute dry jelq, 3-4 second strokes with about 70% erection, really squeezing tight
More heat pad
10 minutes of stretching (any and all types of manual stretches)

Right now I am 5.9 NBPEL and a tiny bit over 5.0 MSEG. I feel as if I have gotten some slight gains in the girth department but I could be wrong. I am getting a little frustrated but still hopeful. One positive is that my EQ has most assuredly been improved and for that I am grateful. Anyone have any tips for me?

A few other things:

I have recently tried ULI’s. I work up to a 100 percent erection level then clamp the base of my penis with my thumb and index finger and hold for 30 seconds. I can feel some good pressure and my penis gets very red and veiny so I know I am doing something right, but I have trouble maintaining a full fledged erection for the entire 30 seconds.

Also, my moist heating pad is not as clean as it was when I bought it. Does anyone know how to clean these things?

One more thing:

Go Celtics!