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Gains: now you see them,now you don't

Gains: now you see them, now you don't

Hey guys,whats up with disappearing gains. I have gone from being completely stoked over my 3/16ths” girth gain in two weeks to totally bummed,because it looks like it is completely gone. I had a tough time getting an accurate girth measurement due to different levels of boner but called it at 5 1/8- 5 3/16 ,the other day I was clearly at over 5 1/4 and at the very base over 5 3/8 but its gone. WTF is that all about. The gains were there the day after my workout and up to a full 48 hrs later,so I was assuming they were there to there a cementing step I need to be incorporating into my workout.

I know at 3 weeks in I am lucky to have noticed a change at all,but gaining and then losing,well thats almost worse than not gaining I think

Anyone else see this,what does it mean?

I‘m really bummed guys, I had convinced myself that PE was working for me, I was really worried I would be slow or no gainer, but now they are gone, is this a sign of anything?

Did you stop and then lose? Cementing can take many weeks after seeing a gain. Looks like you are already getting signs of what will come. Strong patience is a must with PE.

No,thats what is weird,I didn’t stop, My plan was not to meausre until july 5th,that would be one month,but for kicks I just picked up the tape and measured a few nites ago, and the nice gain was there, couple of days later it was gone, totally fucked up my head. I hope you are right Beenthere, if it’s sign of things to come thats great. Being the pessimist I am I’m stressing that’s is a bad sign of things to come , I think I am going to throw the tape measure out so I won’t be able to measure again until july 5th.

As far as cementing,is there a particular method or technique,or is it just repetiotion of the same thing over and over until it sticks?

What a bummer tho,thought I was 25% of the way to my girth goal in two weeks,should have known it was too good to be true.

Repetition. PEing can be a roller coaster ride. Do a search on cement or cementing and maybe you will find more detail than I can offer. Be careful and patient. Good luck!

Mine has always been back and forth. Before cementing a gain, I have always touched the measurement many times before getting it consistently. Eventually, though, it comes to stay. Also, sometimes after long, rarely uninterrupted periods of PE, I wear my dick out and the measurements are terrible. This is one sign to me that I need a break. I take a break, let it all heal, and boom, good measurements again.


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Man I know how discouraging that can be. This is one reason why you never want to get caught up measuring too frequently. Try going for like 2 months without checking and you should definately see a gain.

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I agree completely,and that was the plan.from now on I am going to do just that,check progress monthly,checking daily will just drive me nuts watchng the gains come and go.

I think with my routine especially the gains will be hit and miss for awhile,concentrating mostly on girth , I am doing lots of squeezes,jelqs and pumping, so i am sure its going to be nice and pumped and slowly deflate from session to session.

I just figured after reading a good pump is usually gone after a day or so,that when i measured after 48 hrs the gains were mine to keep….but they weren’t …..but they will be!!!!


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