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Full erection needed for erect gains?

Full erection needed for erect gains?

Do you have to get a 100-110% percent erection at various times during your routine to grow? I mention this because unless I am with my girlfriend, who is away at school, I almost never get those rocket hard erections. Therefore I never get to max out on my size. Is it possible to still grow without getting those skin splitting boners? Maybe when I clamp I get close but nothing like the real thing. Should I make a better attempt at watching more porn and edging to get full boners to aid in growth? I tend to avoid it because I don’t want to come.

I stretch, clamp, jelq.

You do not need to get a 100-110% erection unless the exercises tell you to do so. If you think your penis is conditioned well enough then try different methods. Anyway, after PE exercises, you should be able to get rock hard erections unless you are doing something wrong. Good Luck :)

I didn’t really mean during PE. Just erections in general. When I get hard randomly throughout the day its never 100% unless aided by a beautiful woman. I was just wondering if I could still grow without maximizing the size of my cock throughout the week. To get a better idea of what I am saying, a question I would pose could be, how can my cock grow from 7 inches to 7.1 inches without me getting erections that are 110%?

*Sorry if I am not making sense by the way. Basically what I am asking is should I try to make a concentrated effort to get 100-110 % erections during the week, when not PE’ing, or will I be fine with my natural 95% erections? A 95% erection also helps stave off the urge to ejaculate. With 110% there are few things man can do but explode.

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