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I just wanted to make a comment about some of the websites that are floating around the web that try and make men feel insecure; so that they will buy some product or other, or even think about expensive surgery. Isn’t it great that the thing that actually works best is free? You have to appreciate the delicious irony in that. I understand that there are some products further down the line that might make things better or just make exercises less hassle, but I it’s pretty cool that most people can gain size just from hard work.

Anyway just something I was thinking about that I thought I’d share.


Yeah. Thunder’s is the PE equivalent of Linux i.e. both free and better than the things could could pay money for.

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Truly a fear based society.

They tell us what to do just by making us think something bad will happen if we don’t.

‘We’ll just tell them they’re losers with small dicks that shouldn’t even try to approach a woman unless they take this pill’

And if we’re insecure which is fear, we just might feel like we need to buy their product so we’ll feel better about ourselves and not be afraid. The media’s a bad one for telling us that we’re not good enough

Believe in yourself, it’s the only way.

Linux P.E., momento.

09-01-07= 6" Bpel & 4.5" Eg

01-2013= 8" Bpel & 5&3/8" Eg

01-2015= 8" Bpel & 5.75" Eg

I hope someday this happen to me!

Sincerely congratulations!

Wrong thread , sorry!

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