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Foreskin retraction

Foreskin retraction

Hi guys,

I am uncut and I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to make your foreskin retract behind your glans as if it appeared cut on erection without having to pull it back. So it will automatically do it.

1. Would I need to increase the length of my frenulum,
2. Has anyone done this before?
3. Has this made it easier for someone to perform PE?
4. Do I need big gains as my foreskin currently always stays covered while flaccid and erect.
5. Also will exposing the glans increase the size due to more friction or will I have to do glans techniques as mine is too small and it is hard to sit behind the glans.

I am 5.5 BPEL.


My foreskin story - answering #2

It was long and always covered my glans in my teenage years up until college. But, I felt a bit embarrassed in the shower since most everyone else was cut. So, I’d tug and pull it back for the duration of the shower.

Doing this often and leaving it that way caused the foreskin to shorten so that it can stay retracted indefinitely. Maybe took a few years.

Now my foreskin does not completely cover the glans anymore. Apparently, it has shortened or tightened.

Interesting, no idea skin could be so ‘adaptive’.


Thanks for the reply stroke daily

Hey mrweenie
I, too am training my foreskin back.
There is a blog which lists a few methods to help keep the foreskin back albeit in a fetishised way.

I’m not having much success. I believe my short frenulum is causing problems here; the frenulum pulls the foreskin back down to its natural position.

For what it’s worth, my experience was that while gaining my dick length, the skin including my foreskin, of course, lengthened as well. It worried me, but eventually, I found that the whole structure became longer than the skin, and my glans became very exposed when I was fully erect. Not all the way behind the corona of the glens as you would wish, however. That will be too much to expect, I believe. While stretching, it will be well to finger enough pressure to pull the whole body…not just the skin which, because of your small head, you would be want to do.

I would never consider getting cut just to accomplish the “look” that you want.. You would lose a lot of sexual nuance. I like the explanation about sensitivity of the glans comparison that would have you scratch the back of your hand followed by scratching the palm of your hand. It is an accurate comparison of relative feeling.

I never saw my glans until I was about 16 or so, even with a ‘full’ erection. Deciding I’d had enough of it being weird, I started over the next few months retracting it intentionally, very gradually. The first few weeks were quite painful and I could only pull it back far enough to see the very tip of the glans. Over time it became easier and moved back farther, and now sits comfortably behind the glans when erect.

I also think it being ‘freed’ helped me to gain* about half an inch.

My starting size was about that, so I understand the difficulty with being uncut there and struggling to get a grip. I found an overhand OK-grip works much better than underhand, and I actually prefer wet-jelqing to dry despite a lot of people that are uncut preferring the opposite. You can get a grip to stretch if you roll the skin back and expose your glans; just need to apply the right amount of force and position your fingers correctly. Not too tight, not too loose.

*It was always there, just constricted by the foreskin.

Thanks for the feedback.

To howardson,

I’m happy being uncut I would just like it to retract upon erection as I know the skin is there to keep it sensitive while it isnt exposed. The girlfriend just likes it to be pulled back upon insertion as she finds it more comfortable.

To veezee,

What is your length now after how long? Also do you just stretch and jelq?

I just realized why it was easy for me to keep it retracted. My glans is larger in diameter than my shaft.

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