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Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin Restoration

I was just reading through some articles about foreskin and learned that it actually increases pleasure during sex, and is the only part that moves on it’s own during intercourse, providing a low-friction stimulation.

I was circumcised as a baby and just learning about this loss 18 years later has me pretty pissed off.

I saw a few web sites that focuses on foreskin restoration. Do any of you guys know of a natural method to restore your foreskin, without having to pay over $100 for some device?

If I can give more pleasure to a woman with foreskin on my dick, I definitely want to look into restoring it.

There is plenty of information on the forums (try searching the forums here). What you are looking for is “manual restoration methods” (google it) for foreskin restoration.
You can find information on those techniques within the forums on these sites dedicated to restoration:
1) mfcommunity [dot] org
2) restoringforeskin [dot] org

Just check out the forums / topics and look for manual restoration methods and techniques. I personally suspect that a device like the DTR or TLC tugger would be fastest, but many people say the manual techniques also work quite well.

Dirty Beast,
Sebastian is right about manual methods, but it didn’t work for me. I have been using TLC tugger for over two years now.

I am a member of another forum that focuses on foreskin restoration and genital integrity. Google “foreskin restoration net forum.” The top searches should take you to the site. There is a lot of good information on that site that has helped me.

Good luck and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

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