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Food that will help growth

Food that will help growth


I would really like to know which kinds of foods or specific food products can speed-up the cell division/regeneration or whatever that will help my little friend here expand. Expand permanently of course ;]

Does anyone know or take any supplements that might help or have helped you?

I searched the forum for the term ‘food’, but it returned irrelevant outcomes. So I am hoping to get some help/guidance here =]

Thank you.

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As all the ‘penis pills’ out there are a fast route to expensive urine, I’m pretty sure there are no ‘super foods’ out there that are going to help your penis grow.

A healthy diet is the best thing for your body and therefore for your penis too, but it isn’t going to work miracles of accelerated growth.

However, if you find anything, do please let us know!

Try plenty of fruits and vegetables, and lean meats once a day… well, that would be good for your everything, wouldn’t it?

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I know the body uses protein to help repair muscles after you work out, and I’m pretty sure it’s used for all maintenance within the body, so it should help in repairing the tissues in your penis. If anyone knows a lot about this stuff please correct me if I’m wrong or elaborate if I’m right.

Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about the penis pills or anything ‘miracle’ based anyway firegoat ;]
I know it takes hard manual labor and patience above all! I just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions to what kind of foods or substances (vitamins/minerals, etc.) could benefit the overall workout.

I know a healthy diet won’t get in the way for sure, like kazooplayer said! But since, for example, body builders use protein shakes and maybe steroids and who knows what else to speed up their muscle growth, I thought that wise people could recommend some foods that benefit penis growth as well.

I thought about protein too c750, but I pretty certain I am getting enough of it already. Not from meat though - I just LOVE dairy products. Sometimes I can’t seem to get enough of that milk, can drink up to 2 liters per day! Delicious ;]

I thought about taking vitamin C as a supplement. I read that it helps the body heal wounds. And if constantly stretching out and expanding your penis can be counted is inflicting wounds on the inside, then this vitamin should help.

Start: 1. June- 15cm NBP x 12cm EG / 1. August- 16.5cm NBP x 12.3cm EG

Goal: 18,5cm NBP x 14cm EG

Keep on top of your diet. A balanced diet with a healthy level of fat (often overlooked), protein and carbs. Protein and carbs will provide you with the tools and energy to rebuild and grow, fats will keep hormone regulation in check (fats & cholesterol are very useful for steroid hormones).

Vitamin D (mostly obtained from sunlight) and zinc are also closely linked with steroid hormones and testosterone, so ensure you are getting enough.

Good sleep is also essential for growth and repair.

The best thing for growth is the rest periods. I swear, overworking is the number one reason why bodybuilders (and my theory applies to PE’rs too) don’t gain.

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My dick is on steroids!Progress Report w/pic Overtraining is worse than undertraining...

Oysters, mussels, dairy food, eggs, meat, green tea, and ginseng !!!


Spicy Cajun Horse Cocks. Just kidding.

Some say arginine,but who knows,perhaps only a little bit of penis growth due to better circulation to the penis.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

What type of vitamins, would make growth easier?

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Originally Posted by kingpole
Some say arginine,but who knows,perhaps only a little bit of penis growth due to better circulation to the penis.

I have been taking L Argerine and L Lysine for a couple years now. They are considered amino acids which help repair ripped muscle caused by weight lifting. I also take gensing, horny goat weed with damiana as well as whey. I don’t take these for penis growth but for lifting weights. I must say, I am one of the fast gainers here. I went from 6.8? X 5.0 to 8.125 to 6.8 in approximately 1.5 years. I won’t say I attribute my growth to all the stuff I take, but I won’t say they didn’t help either. I do attribute my growth to my helping wife.


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